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What to See to Make School Trips to Paris Both Fun and Educational

Traveling with a group of students can be hard – finding a balance between making a trip fun while also learning a little something is as hard as it sounds.  We get that! So, we’ve made this list for you to help find a way to get the best out of your school trip.

Where to Start?

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Before your visit to Paris, you’ll definitely want to have an idea of what you want to see.  We know it can be overwhelming to decide how to balance the fun with the educational – but it’s perfectly possible! So, we’ve organized a list into categories to help you decide when planning your school trips to Paris what suits your group the best, starting with a list of our top 5 must see places and continuing with our carefully though-out categories. You may notice some overlap with the must-see places but that’s just because you really must see them!

Top 5 Must See Places in Paris

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle
  3. The Louvre
  4. The Arc de Triomphe
  5. The Sacré Coeur

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See French Art and Culture

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  • Louvre Museum – once home to the French monarchy, the Louvre is now the largest museum in the world, and home to some of the most well-known pieces of art and artifacts around.  A visit here will give student trips to Paris a chance to not only learn about the history of the building, but to see paintings like the Mona Lisa, sculptures like the Venus de Milo and artifact’s like the Great Sphinx.  It’s definitely worth a trip for that balance of education and fun.
  • Musée D’Orsay – another world-famous museum located along the River Seine, the Musée D’Orsay is home to a number of famous paintings and sculptures, including the Small Dancer Aged 14 sculpture.  You’ll definitely want to dedicate some time to this museum.
  • Paris Museum of Modern Art – for a slight shift in style, visit the Museum of Modern Art, it may not fill you with the same knowledge of France’s history, but it will definitely open your eyes to the world of modern art.
  • Centre Pompidou – another must for student trips to Paris, here you’ll get to experience not only the art and design of the building’s infamous exterior – as well as views from its exterior escalators – but you’ll be able to see the Musée D’Art Moderne.

Discover French History

Versailles, Palace of Versailles,Trips from Paris to Versailles, school Trips to Paris

  • Versailles – If you have time, definitely consider a day trip to Versailles when planning student trips to Paris.  Here you can discover all about the history of the past monarchy, as well as explore the palace – with the hall of mirrors – Marie Antoinette’s house, and the stunning gardens.  It’s a great way to balance beauty and fun with education.
  • The Catacombs – These underground remains are fascinating and perfect for school trips to Paris.  Here is where millions of remains were placed to make space in cemeteries.  Definitely a place that’s cool while still learning something about French history.

French Architecture to Explore

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  • Eiffel Tower – How can you not talk about the Eiffel Tower when you talk about French architecture.  Built in 1887, this monument has become one of the most well known in the world and its architecture is unlike any other.
  • Arc de Triomphe – One of the most famous monuments of Paris, located at the head of the Champs Élysées, this is definitely a must! Explore the surrounding streets, and even climb the monument itself to get a sense of the detail and layout of the city as well as of the arc itself.
  • Opera Garnier – Designed by Charles Garnier, each and every element of this building is jaw dropping.  If you’re looking to explore beauty and architecture during any student trips to Paris then this has to be on your list.

Religious Monuments to See

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  • Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle – Notre Dame is one of Paris’s most beloved monuments.  Located on the Isle de la Cité its as beautiful as one imagines and an important site in the history of religion in Paris.  Also, on the Isle de la Cité is Saint Chapelle – definitely a must see – where you can see stunning stained-glass windows stretching all around.
  • Sacre Coeur – At Paris’s highest point, you will see the Sacre Coeur, where you will not only see the beauty of the church, but you will get a stunning view of the whole city from above.


There are countless places to visit in Paris and ways to balance fun with education.  For help planning student trips to Paris click here.

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What You Need to Know Before Planning Student Trips to Paris

Paris is the perfect city to bring a student group.  Full of history, architecture, art, and culture the city has so much to offer for a school trip.  But when planning student trips to Paris, you need to consider a few things.  ParisByM has created a list of helpful things to know for before and during the planning of a school trip.

What do I Need to Know?

Student Trips to Paris

When booking student trips to Paris it’s important you don’t get too overwhelmed.  We understand you have a lot of things to consider and to research, and it’s hard to not get bogged down by this.  The most important thing is that before you start any planning at all, you think about what it is you and your students are hoping to get out of the trip.  For help with this decision, here is a list of some things we recommend doing in Paris.  Once you’ve thought a little about these, but before you’ve made any firm plans, consider these helpful things to know.

Start Planning Early

Student Trips to Paris

You’re going to want to plan student trips to Paris as far in advance as possible because it’ll help you save money and make sure you have as many options as imaginable.  The earlier you book, likely the better prices you’ll get for hotels or hostels.  On top of this if you book early you can almost always guarantee you and your group tickets to the attractions that are most important to you.  As well as attractions, if you’re visiting Paris with a large group of students, it might be a good idea for you to book restaurants in advance.  If you know your plan for a day and where you want to eat, it’s definitely worthwhile because at dinner time in Paris it’s not uncommon for a restaurant to fill up very quickly, and with a big group, it might be hard to find somewhere without a reservation.

Consider Booking for Groups Vs. Individuals

group trips to Paris, paris trip planner, student trips to paris

It’s often true that different things will be available for groups versus for individuals in pairs, so it’s important to be aware of this before arriving or booking anything.  Make sure you know how many people will be in your group and that you plan accordingly.  If you’re planning student trips to Paris, we suggest that you plan using a tourism agency or local travel agent because they will be able to give you the most accurate information and help on the best way to plan for a group.

What’s the Best Season for You?

Top 5 Christmas Markets in Paris, Christmas, Market, Paris, presents, shopping, festive, student trips to paris

Snow Paris Winter Cold Eiffel Tower Champs De Mars

Paris is a city that changes dramatically from season to season, you may see pictures of people picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower in the middle of summer or of snow all over Notre Dame at Christmas.  So, before you make any plans for your student trips to Paris, make sure you think about what activities you’re planning and when would be the best time to do them.

Know How You Plan on Getting Around

Transportation in Paris, student trips to paris

Credit: ParisByM

The public transportation system is relatively easy to maneuver in Paris but you might want to do a little research before-hand.  Depending on your group size and your plans for the trip, you could consider renting a minibus or looking into other forms of transportation if the metro is too confusing in a big group.  This is another reason we suggest contacting a local tourism agency to get to know all your options and how to best accommodate your group.  For more information on our group tours and personalized packages, just click here.

You Will Need Euros and Adapters

Student trips to paris

Remember before arriving in Paris, you’ll want to make sure everyone in your group has their own adapter for European plugs – there’s nothing worse than getting to a new place with no way to charge your phone! You should also make sure everyone always has some cash on them – in euros!  While most places nowadays accept cards, you can never be completely sure, and you don’t want to be caught out in an unfamiliar city.


Paris really is the perfect place for a school trip, but it is easy to be overwhelmed by all there is to think about.  For help with planning or information on our group tour packages, click here.

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