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Student Trips to Paris

School Trips to Paris Packing List

Traveling across the world may seem a bit intimidating!  On top of that, you may have absolutely no idea what to pack for a country you have never been to before! Do not be overwhelmed. Here at ParisByM, we know Paris like the back of our hand from its constant changing weather patterns to its latest fashion trends. Fortunately, we are here to help for any school trips to Paris!

Where do I Start to Pack for France? The EssentialsStudent Trips to Paris

There are some things that are so crucial you simply cannot forget to pack.  These are all of the items that you should have locked away in a safe place or with you at all times.  These items are the hardest to replace if lost or stolen. Forgetting any of these items will put a damper on your school trip to Paris.

  • Wallet: In your wallet have your ID, passport, & an extra copy of both your ID and passport
  • Medications: If necessary, carry an extra copy of your prescriptions in case you need to refill or you lose them!
  • Travel documents: Have your visa and travel insurance documents if you need them & make an extra copy as well.
  • Necessary tech: Outlets are different in Europe than in America. Make sure to have your chargers and your converters. Nothing is worse than a dead phone in a foreign country!

What do I Pack in My Carry-on Bag? The PersonalsStudent Trips to Paris

Your carry-on bag is crucial and sometimes overlooked!  This bag you do not want to let out of your sight.  You will be traveling with this bag between layovers and on the flight.  You will want to think carefully about what to pack for your personal items.

  • Change of clothes: Lost luggage is a lot more common than you think! Some people have to go a day or so without their luggage upon arrival.  Make sure you pack a change of clothes just in case this happens to you!
  • Reusable water bottle: STAY HYDRATED! Traveling can be energy-draining and time consuming. Do not forget to eat and hydrate. Many travelers can easily forget to do these two necessary things especially when adapting to a new environment.
  • Headphones or a book: International flights are very long. Make sure to pack headphones or a book to read to entertain yourself between layovers and on the flight.
  • Mini first aid kit: You never know when you may need a band-aid at a short notice.  Airports & airplanes have first-aid stations, but it may be a hassle & take some time to locate it.


What do I do About Toiletries? Less is MoreStudent Trips to Paris

When traveling, please keep in mind the TSA policies! So many people reach security to have most of their toiletries thrown in the trash. It is always a good idea to purchase toiletries locally so you do not have to worry about spillage in your suitcase.

  • Deodorant: Because traveling can be very time consuming, you may not be able to bathe for over 24 hours at a time. Make sure to have your deodorant handy!
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Hairbrush: A hairbrush is something you would probably want to bring instead of buying upon arrival. Hair brushes are by personal choice and you may not be able to find the one you like upon arrival!
  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and body soap: Travel sized containers are good to have if you are traveling to many cities within the trip. It would be a hassle to continuously have to purchase these items. If you are staying in one location for a majority of the trip, it would be wise to purchase a bigger bottle upon arrival.

What Clothes Should I Pack? The BasicsStudent Trips to Paris

A big fear every traveler has is they do not want to under or overpack. The weather is constantly changing in Paris, so make sure to give a lot of thought on what you’re putting into your suitcase. Ask yourself: Will I wear this regularly? Is it practical?

  • Machine-washable clothes: A washing machine may be hard to come by, but pack clothes that are strong and can endure wear and tear. Delicate pieces may not be the most practical for an international trip.
  • Pack outfits, not pieces: Everyone wants to accessorize and pack distinguishable pieces. But think practical! Packing outfits will make your life less stressful once you are on your trip.
  • No more than five paris of shoes: Bring a pair of shoes for each setting whether that be a nice dinner out to tennis shoes for a hike in the woods. It may be hard to decide at first but nothing is worse than lugging around a suitcase have your weight! Most importantly, think comfortable!

Partaking in a school trip to Paris is definitely an experience everyone should be have. Paris has so much to offer for anyone trying to gain knowledge in history and culture. We hope that this packing list helps you prepare for any trip you have coming your way.

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