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The Chocolate Museum (Musée Gourmand du Chocolat)

It is one of the world’s most popular delicacies, but few people know a lot about it. In the chocolate museum for chocolate lovers (Musée Gourmand du Chocolat) in Paris, you can taste your way through the evolution of chocolate. During a visit to the Musée Gourmand du Chocolat you will learn how the Mayans and then the Aztec used to grow cocoa trees, how cocoa beans conquered Europe, but also how cocoa is converted into chocolate. A master chocolate maker will make chocolates for you with a tasting sessions that is of course included in the visit. Visit now and try different chocolate products while watching how they are made and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at the end.


The building has 3 floors. You start on the ground floor where you go into the history of cocoa and the use of cocoa. Starting with the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs, you will learn more about the important role cocoa played in ancient cultures. Jump to the year 1502, when Christopher Columbus and his crew robbed a Maya merchant and confiscated some cocoa beans in the process. He was not impressed by the goods but nevertheless brought the cocoa beans back to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella as a curiosity. By the end of the 16th century, cocoa use was widespread across Europe.

chocolate museum, chocolate, sweets, museum, paris

The Tour

The basement is one of the most fun parts of the museum. Here you will find very special chocolate creations like a very large Eiffel Tower of chocolate and a very large Arc de Triomphe made of chocolate. Extremely beautifully crafted, and incredibly detailed there are also fashion designs of chocolate such as dresses and heels.  The dresses have actually been worn by real models.

You can also see how the process of making chocolate has become increasingly streamlined over the centuries. Look at demonstrations that take place in the basement every 25 minutes to discover the secret behind the glossy outer layer that makes chocolate cakes so attractive, and sample a few chocolate products made on the spot.

The chocolate maker will show you how pralinés with hazelnut in it are made. Before each session, you will watch a short film explaining how chocolate is produced nowadays, from harvesting cocoa until the final transformation to chocolate.

4 Chocolate Museum, museum, chocolate, sweets, paris


The best part of this demonstration: you can taste chocolate from different countries. Enjoy the creamy smoothness of Costa Rican chocolate, the delicious “melt-in-the-mouth” fruitiness of Peruvian chocolate, the sweet aromas of cocoa beans from Vanuatu and much more. You will also learn that chocolate has many benefits for your health.

Chocolate Museum, chocolate, museum, sweets, paris

Various objects and beans are exhibited in which information is always given in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.

At the end of your visit, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate milk and take a look around in the museum shop to buy a book, souvenir or some chocolates.

paris in 3 days, apps to download before traveling, night at the museum

Experience a Night at the Museum in Paris

In France, on the 19th of May, is celebrated as the Museum’s Night. Established in 2005, therefore making this year its 14th year celebration. If you are in France at this moment, you can’t miss this night at the museum!


What is the Night at the Museum?

The Museum’s Night is a day when museums and monuments are opened at night (till midnight for most of them). All visitors are welcomed to experience a night at the museum since the entrance is free for these events. It does not only concern French museums but all Europe’s museums. Special events are proposed for the night at the museum: guided tours, workshops, live shows and more.

Its aim is to attract new audiences, especially young people and families and to raise awareness of France’s cultural treasures, and more widely, European’s ones too.

First seen in Germany in 1997, this event has become a growing success. In 2017, more than 3 800 museums in Europe took part in the special night, with specifically 1 800 museums in France.

2018 was declared the European year of cultural heritage. Thus, this year is placed on the theme of Europe, in order to promote cultural diversity.

Museums will once again take part in the operation “La Classe, Louvre!”, which invites all students to study artwork from a museum. Then, they present their interpretation to their relatives and the visitors during the night of museums.


Where to go for the Night at the Museum?

In addition to the main exhibition, you can visit the temporary exhibit. To help you decide where to go for the night at the museum, ParisByM has made a selection of the most worthy ones to visit.

From the most classic ones to the modern ones, there is something for every taste. Feel free to check on the museums’ official website whether there are any special events organized for the night. Upcoming programs.


The Louvre Museum

The most classical museum, with antique art. If you haven’t seen the Joconde yet, this is your chance.

What to See: Exhibition of Delacroix, painter of the romantic movement. Its most renowned artwork is “Liberty Leading the People”.

For more information, click here.
Rue de Rivoli, 75001

Louvre, Paris, night at the museum



The Museum of the Orangerie

Big fans of impressionism, use this special night at the museum to discover the museum of the Orangerie.

What to See: Exhibition of Claude Monet, you will be impressed to discover the famous Water Lilies he painted.

For more information, click here.
Place de la Concorde, 75001

Musee de l'Orangerie, night at the museum

Museum of the Orangerie


The Museum of the Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac

You will find in exhibited this museum, ethnologic and contemporary museum, art and civilizations from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

What to See: “Hells and Ghosts of Asia”, the museum proposes to immerse in the Asian culture and imagination of scary creatures.

For more information, click here.
37 Quai Branly, 75007

Night at the museum

Quai Branly Museum


The Foundation of Louis Vuitton

Take a look at this amazing building of the XXIth which has incredibly inspiring modern artwork.

What to See: “Au Diapason du Monde”, a temporary exhibition based on the re-appropriation of myths and the exploration of the human being.

For more information, click here.
8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi, 75116

Night at the museum

Louis Vuitton Foundation


The Versailles Castle

The most famous castle in France, visit the impressive castle where the king Louis XIV lived.

What to See: The Royal Chapel, the Hall of Mirrors and the King’s bedroom.

For more information, click here.
Place d’Armes 78000

night at the museum

Versailles’ Gardens


The City of Science and Industry

For a night with family, the City of Science and Industry is the perfect place to go. You have the choice between many temporary exhibitions and most of them are interactive, perfect for kids.

What to See: “Patate !”, an exhibition on potatoes. “Once upon a time”, which explore the science through childhood tales. “Cold” or “Special Effects”, which explains the different kinds of trickery techniques of the cinema.

For more information, click here.
30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris Museums, night at the museum

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie


Museum of Police Headquarters

For a less common night at the museum, visit the museum of Police Headquarters which traces the history of Parisian police between crimes and punishments.

For more information, click here.
4 Rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève 75005


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What to see in Paris in 4 Days

What to See in Paris in 4 Days

      When coming to Paris and realizing you only have four days to visit all the beauty the city has to offer, it may be a bit overwhelming. Such a large city, that has been around for so many years, has layers and layers of history built into its walls. Given that the Eiffel Tower is an obvious sight that you have to see when you visit, let’s take a look at what to see in Paris in 4 days. The great thing about Paris is although you may only have limited time to visit, we can give you a list of the top must-see destinations to visit while you’re here for 4 days, and you can always come back!

paris in 3 days, apps to download before traveling


The Louvre complex is another famous site that you can’t miss when visiting Paris. It was originally built in 1202 to be a fortress for a king, but in the 1500s, it got renovated with wings added to be a royal palace. In the late 1700s, it became the now famous Musée du Louvre. Its construction was finished when its famously recognizable glass pyramid was added in the 1980s. Stroll through the endless halls of art and sculptures and enjoy the breathtaking architecture at the same time. Take a peek at pieces like the Mona Lisa, and some Roman sculptures. Get there early or buy your tickets in advance, because the lines for the museum are always long. It’s also good to keep in mind that on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Museum stays open until 10pm! You can also enjoy the underground mall the Tuileries garden right outside of the Louvre.

orsay museum, 1 day in Paris


Orsay Museum:

Another famous museum you can’t leave Paris without visiting is Musee d’Orsay. This museum can be found along the Seine River and was open in 1986 in the location of an old railway station. This art museum is filled with some of the most beautiful impressionist and post-impressionist artwork in the world. Here you can find works from artists like Monet, Van Gough,  and Manet. 



Arc De Triomphe:

This monument was wanted by Napoleon in 1806 to commemorate the French Revolution. At over 50 meters tall, the Arc De Triumph is a must-see for some of the best views of Paris. Climb up its old staircase to the top and view the beautiful skyline of the city. See the elaborate details and decorations scribed into the bottom of the arc. The body of the Unknown Soldier is buried at the base, and you can see the flame of remembrance relit every day at 18:30. While seeing the Arc, makes sure to enjoy the rest of the Champs Elysées area with all its cafes and luxury shops.

notre dame cathedral facts

Notre Dame

Notre-Dame Cathedral: 

In the middle of the Seine River, on the island Ile de la Cite, you can find the beautiful 800-year-old Notre Dame. Build in 1163, this gothic Catholic church is one of the most famous churches in the world and sports beautiful architecture and stained glass windows. In this actively used church, you can find many renowned religious artifacts, paintings, and can see the history and renovations done over the years to the enormous building.

what to see in Paris in 4 days



If you’re looking for a sight to take your breath away, Versailles is sure to do it. Famously known for its palace and its gardens, Versailles is a beautiful area just on the outskirts of the city.  Louis XIV hired many painters and artists to elaborately decorate the Palace with beautiful gold pieces and cover the ceilings in color. The gardens bloom with colors and boast tall fountains and sculptures to visitors. The area is one you won’t forget.

Cimetière Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise  Cemetery:

As the largest cemetery in Paris and the most visited one in the world, the Père Lachaise Cemetery is definitely a trip you’ll remember. The 44 hectares area in the 20th arrondissement has over 70,000 graves to see. Not only is the cemetery peaceful to visit, but it also houses many famous people like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Molière, and Edith Piaf.




On a hill at the highest point in Paris, Montmartre is on the outer part of the city and is a beautiful and happening place. Located in this area is the famous Sacré-Cœur Basilica built as an expedition piece in 1914, and the world-renowned cabernet Moulin Rouge. Enjoy the artistic shops and streets, as long and you don’t mind the stairs! You could get some of the best views of Paris.

We have put together a 4-day package that can relive the stress of traveling, and assure you that you catch all the best attractions! This itinerary makes sure to hit all of the above attractions and many more! For additional information, click the link below:

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Theme Parks and Attractions Around Paris

When you think of visiting Paris, usually its famous monuments and museums come to mind, and they should.  But, there are also many theme parks and attractions around Paris that are worth visiting.  So whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, love theme parks, or just want to get away and have a change in scenery, ParisByM has got your back!

Disneyland Paris© Disneyland Paris, attractions around Paris

Not only is it one of the most well-known attractions around Paris, but Disneyland Paris is one of Europe’s top theme park.  As the only Disney park on the whole continent, Disneyland Paris attracts people from all over the world.  Not only does it include the Disneyland Park, but it also features Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village, seven themed hotels, and recreational activities like Golf Disneyland that are sure to please everyone.  Even better, you don’t have to worry about transportation, as Disneyland Paris is an easily accessible getaway with countless ways of traveling to and from Paris and even London.

Parc Asterixattractions around Paris

Based on the popular French comic book series Astérix Parc Asterix can be enjoyed by all whether or not you’re familiar with the series.  The park remains in the visual style of its stories through its six different worlds:  Egypt, The Roman Empire, Gaul, Vikings, Ancient Greece, and Time Travel.  Parc Asterix is most known for its insane variety of roller coasters but still caters to familiesthrill seekers, and the young adventurers.

Jardin d’AcclimationAttractions around Paris

Created for children, Jardin d’Acclimation was Paris’ first amusement park opened by Napoleon III.  While the park includes many attractions for children, it also boasts plenty of greenery and lounging areas that allow parents to relax while their kids enjoy.  Jardin d’Acclimation also features antique games, an animal farm, an archery range, children’s museums, and much more.  So whether you want to stay closer to the city or have a less expensive experience, Jardin d’Acclimation is a great choice among the attractions around Paris!


Attractions around Paris

Credits: Riccardo Fisichella via Flickr

For those beautiful days when all you want to do is go to the beach but don’t want to travel all the way to the South of France, ParisByM has the place for you.  As the largest urban water park in Europe, Aquaboulevard features a sandy beach, lazy rivers, two wave pools, 11 giant water slides, outdoor as well and indoor jacuzzis, and much more!  The park, located on the southern border of the Periferique, even includes cinemas, meeting rooms, offices, shops, and fitness rooms.  With a large focus on safety and hygiene, Aquaboulevard is the perfect place for an exciting day out for the whole family.

France MiniatureAttractions around Paris

About a 40 minute drive outside of the city, France Miniature transforms an outdoor park into a shrunken version of France.  This miniature park, laid out in the shape of France, features scale models of popular French monuments and landmarks placed in correlation to their approximate locations in France.  It also includes many attractions and interactive experiences appealing to younger children.  Where else can you see France in one day?

Foire du Trône (Trône Fair)Attractions around Paris

Maybe the oldest traditional fair in France and the largest in Paris, Foire du Trône attracts millions of visitors each year.  The fair is easily accessible by metro from the city and is located at the Pelouse de Reuilly bordering the Bois de Vincennes.  Foire du Trône boasts 350+ attractions including 80 rides and rollercoasters, with new attractions being added each year.  Additionally, by offering an array of carnival type and classic French foods, visitors can get into the carnival spirit and enjoy the historic fair that has been around since the year 957.


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5 Day Paris Itinerary for the second Time Visitor

5 Day Paris Itinerary for the Second Time Visitor

This list of must-see places in Paris is for those who have already had the privilege to see the most well-known symbols of Paris but want to discover more of the city. Here, you will discover a 5 Paris day itinerary for the second time visitor looking to be amazed at what France has to offer.

Day 1 – Latin Quarter


From the 1700s, underground stacking of over a million Parisian remains due to lack of space. Chilling and once in a lifetime experience.

5 Day Paris Itinerary for the second time visitor

The Luxembourg Garden

Jardin du Luxembourg

Beautiful gardens from the 1600s with greens and sculptures perfect to relax, enjoy a picnics, and take in the park.


Museum and an underground crypt that houses famous remains of people like scientist and Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie.

Saint Chapel

Beautiful stained glass church from 1248 that belonged to Saint Louis and held many Christian relics over the years, like the Crown of Thorns.

5 day itinerary to Paris for the Second Time Traveler

Walk the Streets
      • See all the unique boutiques and restaurants on the stone streets
      • Visit bookstores like the famous Shakespeare and Company
Musée de Cluny

See all Medieval art, Roman baths in this unique building from the late 1400s.


Day 2 –Châtelet

Formes des Halles

Stop right off the metro underground at this amazingly built shopping center.

5 day Paris Itinerary for the second time Visitor

Wine Museum
(Crédits:Office du tourisme)

George Center Pompidou

Enjoy this cultural center build in the 1970s that houses a cinema, the National Museum of Modern Art, exhibitions, a library, music center, restaurants, shops and more.

Explore The Streets

The surrounding streets are covered in artistic boutiques, cafes, and vintages thrifts shops to enjoy

5 Day Paris Itinerary for the second time traveler

Pompidou Center

Musée de Vin

Museum and wine tasting French flavors in a 15th-century wine cellar

Dinner Cruise

Dinner boat cruise on the seine with live music and entertainment, with sightseeing the Eiffel Tower and the city’s architecture.



Day 3 – Le Marais

5 day Paris Itinerary for the second time visitor

Place de Vosges

Marche des Enfants Rouges

Sample Ethnic foods at the street market

Explore the Streets

shopping, bistros, fashion, street art, and history

Picasso Museum

Full art gallery of Picasso’s work

5 day Paris itinerary of the second time visitor

Le Marais Streets

Place des Vosges

This is the oldest planned square in Paris, filled with a park, shops, galleries, and cafes

Musée Grevin

Palais des Mirages attraction- “the Hall of Mirrors” a light-and-sound show full of color

( or Celebrity wax exhibit)


Day 4- Day Trip


Enjoy a day or 1/2 day trip to different castles on the outside of the city accessible by public transportation

Some options include:

5 day Paris Itinerary for the second time visitor


  • Chantilly
  • Malmaison
  • Saint Germain en Laye

*Other options and details about the castles and how to get there are attached below in the related articles


Come back from castle exploring for the day to enjoy a cabernet show and dinner at one of the famous Parisian sights, either: Moulin Rouge, Le Lido, or Crazy Horse.

5 day Paris Itinerary for the second time visitor



Day 5- Grands Boulevards

Gallery Lafayette and Pretempts
5 day Paris itinerary for the second time visitor

Opéra Garnier Paris

Two famous luxury indoor shopping plazas that have to be seen regardless if you enjoy shopping. The architecture of the beautiful buildings alone is enough to pay a visit.

Shopping Arcades

Hidden covered passageways built in the 1800s that are filled with shops, cafes, and antique bookstores and art galleries.

5 day Paris itinerary for the second time visitor

Lafayette  (credit: wiki)

Rue de Martyrs

surrounding scenic streets full of cafes and shops

Musée du Chocolate

Museum and Chocolate tour/tasting

Palais Garnier

Catch a famous Opera or ballet show



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Top 5 Attractions in Montmartre


Top 10 things to do in Things to do and discover in Montmartre, Paris



Sacré-Coeur is one of the city’s most magical landmarks and a must-see attraction in Montmartre.  It is equally beautiful both inside and out.  You cannot miss a trip to this famous landmark.  Montmartre, otherwise known as the “Mountain of Martyrs” had always been a place of worship. The construction of this beautiful basilica was completed in 1914 and it was consecrated in 1919.  The church was intended as both a political and cultural monument, particularly important as a symbol of national penance after the French defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.


The basilica is open from 6am to 10.30pm every day and entrance is free.


Place du Tertre (and surrounding streets)

You must take some time to stroll in and around the square at Place du Tertre in order to soak of the true Montmartre atmosphere.  Famous for hosting extremely famous artists, songwriters, poets and painters throughout the ages, the Place du Tertre now hosts on-the-spot portraitists, so why not sit and have your portrait painted?  Opening in 1635, it is the perfect environment for a stroll and a coffee during the day, or a glass of wine in the evening whilst looking up at the Sacré-Coeur.



Musee de Montmartre

One cannot visit the neighbourhood of Montmartre without visiting its very own museum: Musee de Montmartre, which is said to be the most charming museum in the city.  You will learn more about the history of the area as well as seeing some stunning works of art and collections.  The museum is dispersed throughout a few different, beautiful buildings, which are probably the reason why it is perceived as being so charming.  Furthermore, it has been home to some extremely famous names, including Pierre-Auguste Renoir, after whom the cafes and garden are named.  A truly delightful experience, in the heart of the Montmartre, which you must not miss.



Food Tour



Espcace de Dali


La Maison Rose





Dalida Statue

What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Panthéon, Can't-Miss, Paris Attractions, France, rive gauche area paris

Historical attractions in France

The city of love and the Eiffel Tower are probably the first things which come to mind when you think about France.
But France is more than just that, France is a country rich with literatures, ancient heritage and beautiful landscapes.
It is the country in which the enlightenment began, the country of Voltaire in which everybody speaks the language of Molière.
If you plan a trip to France, I encourage you to visit these French attractions which are linked to France history.

The Notre Dame Cathedral

This historical monument is without a doubt, one of Paris’ most beautiful buildings.

touristic places in Paris,notre dame cathedral, notre dame cathedral facts,attractions, Paris

Notre Dame de Paris (Wikimedia Commons)

Its construction started in 1163 but was spread over 2 centuries.
This gothic masterpiece occupies a symbolic place in Paris along with the cathedral of Reims, the most famous Churchs in France.
In fact, French Kings and Napoléon I were sacred here and ceremonies took place for the death of France’s Presidents Charles de Gaule, George Pompidou, and François Mitterand.
This archidiocese cathedral is also famous for its appearance in Victor Hugo’s novel Notre-Dame de Paris, published in 1831, which inspired Disney’s movie, “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”.

The Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe, attractions,France,Paris

Credit: Wikipedia

The Arc of Triomphe is one of the many landmarks of the city.
Commanded by Napoléon I in order to celebrate his military victories, its construction began in 1806 and ended in 1836. It stands in the center of “La place Charles De Gaulle” in the 8th quarter of Paris, near the Champs-Elysées.
Now it houses the tombs of the unknown soldiers, where every day an eternal flame commemorate all the fallen soldiers, with a ceremony between 6 and 6:30 PM.

 The Pantheon

What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Panthéon, Can't-Miss, Paris Attractions, France


The Pantheon is in Paris Latin quarter, near the Jardin de Luxembourg.
In the XVIII century it was planned that the Pantheon will serve as a Church, but now this impressive monument has the vocation to honour those who have marked France’s history.
Jean Moulin, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola and Jean Jaurès are for instance laid to rest in the Pantheon.

 The Palace of Versailles

France’s symbol of the Glory, the Palace of Versailles is with its 700 rooms, the biggest castle in the world.

Versailles Gardens, versailles, the gardens, french castles, attractions

Versailles Palace

Build in the beginning of the XVII century under the order of King Louis XIV, better known as “Le Roi Soleil”, Versailles palace was used as principal residence for France’s Kings before the revolution.
Its Baroque style, served as inspiration for the future construction of castles in the XVII and XVIII centuries.
But since the XIX century, Versailles palace is used as a museum with nearly millions of visitors.

If you have the occasion, I suggest you go around Versailles garden which is inscribed on UNESCO’s World heritage list.

The Basilica of Saint-Denis

Basilique de Saint-Denis, attractions, France

Crédits: Wikipédia

The Basilica of Saint Denis is a gothic style church located in the centre of Saint Denis which is 5 km from Paris.
Since its construction in the XII century, it was destined to host the Final resting of the Kings and Queens of France.
Now, this burial place reunites the rest of 43 Kings,32 queens and 10 servants of the monarchy.
If you want to discover France’s former Kings and Queens, I definitely recommend this place.
Here, you can learn more  about the Robertians, the Capets, the Merovingian and other Frankish family’s who once rulled France.

Château de Malmaison

attractions, France,

Château de Malmaison

The Château de Malmaison in Ruel-Malmaison was the principal residence of Napoléon I, the “Emperor of the French”, and his wife Josephine.
Before becoming their principal residence, it was a seignorial residence and a literary salon held by Madame du Moley who received artist like Friedrich Melchior Grimm or Bernadin de Saint-Pierre.
Since 1903, this historical monument remains the property of the French State which transformed 2 years later in a Museum.


The Château de Chambord

Chateau de Chambord Chateau de France, attractions,France

Chateau de Chambord

If you want to visit an attraction outside the Region of Paris, you can go to Chambord.
Chambord and its Castle, “le Château de Chambord”, tells the history of the Renaissance.
The Castel of Chambord was built in 1519, under the order of King Francis I, and owns an ornamental garden and a hunting park, listed as a historical monument.



This list may help you having an overview of the main attractions in France.
If you are fascinated by history, I definitely encourage you to visit these monuments and learn the full history.


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original dining experiences

5 Original Dining Experiences in Paris

When planning a trip to France, tourists often look for original dining experiences that allow them to see Paris in ways they never imagined. Eating in a restaurant on a Parisian street might be amazing, but imagine the effect a cruise dinner, or a dinner show can make. With endless options to choose, here are five original dining experiences to try in Paris if you’re tired of the traditional restaurant atmosphere.

Dinner Cruise

     What better way to tour Paris at night, than by taking a dinner cruise on the Seine river? Not only can you enjoy a romantic gourmet meal, but you can also take in the sights around you.  The Eiffel Tower, flawless architecture, and beautifully lit up streets surround the water. The tours typically last from 1.5 to 4 hours, with varying options. Pricing also changes depending on the length and the quality of the cruise’s amenities/food. You can pay anywhere from 100 to 300 euro per a person. Some also include enjoyable live bands and entertainment throughout the night.

original dining experiences in Paris

Cruise in the Seine River


Food Tour

     Another original dining experience you can have in Paris is by booking a food tour. With so many flavorful foods to taste, you can enjoy a wine, chocolate, or a cheese tour. More specifically, you could take a dinner walking tour, where you can experience all the different food options the streets/markets have to offer in Paris. These guided tours educate you on French foods while you enjoy the scenery. Fill your stomach trying a variety of dishes and foods from different shops. Feel like a true Parisian as you’re immersed in the culture, enjoying market hot spots and dig-in favorites.

Original dining experiences in Paris

Cooking Class

     You don’t always have to be sitting waiting around to get your food. You can make your dinner time a truly memorable experience by helping cook what you eat! Cooking classes in Paris are available for people at all levels, ages, and different languages. Not only are there classes where you can cook a fully authentic French meal, but there are also courses where you focus on specific categories, like French desserts and pastries. You can meet new friends by doing a class with strangers, schedule a big group, or have your own family/couple private cooking night. Regardless of your choice, you’ll love the experience, and hopefully the food you create!

original dining experiences in Paris

Dinner Cabaret Show

    For a night of music laughter eating, and fun, consider a dining experience you’ll never forget at a Cabaret Show. These exotic, theatrical dancing shows will make you want to laugh, dance, and sing along all while enjoying your meal in your seat. There so many Cabarets to choose from, with of the most famous among tourist being the Moulin Rouge, Lido, and Crazy Horse. There are many smaller ones to visit, although they may all not accommodate non-native speakers. The dinner shows provide a full evening of fun from around 175 to 300 euro

Original dining experiences in Pairs, nightlife in Paris

Credit: Lido Website

Dine in the Dark

      Currently, one of the most original dining experiences you can try in Paris is dining in the dark. This new fad has become popular in big cities around the world, including Paris. The restaurant Dans Le Noir offers guests an hour adventure through their pitch-black restaurant, where they are served drinks and dinner. Not only are they blind, but so are their wait staff. The idea of the dinner is to heighten the senses and make one aware of their surroundings in the creative environment.  This is a must do for travelers looking for a night they won’t forget.

original dining experiences in Paris

View of Your Meal at Dans Le Noir!

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French cosmetic brands

French cosmetic brands

Every women should feel beautiful.
This is why the beauty industrie keep changing and  cosmetic brands keep changing and innovating.
The competition between beauty brands is very tough and only those which have a good communication strategy survive.
This is why cosmetic brands like Anastacia beverly Hills, famous for it’s brownkit, use all type of social media to promote their products. French people enjoy taking care of themself and I’m sure you also do.
So ParisByM selected the 6 Best French cosmetic brands.

 Bio Brands



Melvita is a french cosmetic brand created in 1980 by a beekeeper.
Melvita’s products were first composed of honey but they expanded their line on other natural products like Argan Oil based products.
Today, it has a wide product line composed of body care products, hair care products, perfums, flower water etc…
But its flagship product is its beewax hexagonal soap, which also is the first soap creation.
This brand very  succesful in France but now it is recognize in the United States of America and in Asia.
In fact,all its cosmetic products  meets the bio certification requirements.


french cosmetic brands


Cattier is part of the bio pioneer brands in France.
Cartier offers environement friendly  products good for health, rich in vitamin and in minerals.
Its products are principaly available in drugstores and are very affordable for bio products.
Among its wide range of products, you can find general care cosmetic, lip care products, baby care set and clay products.

High end cosmetic brands


French cosmetic brands


Clarins is the european leader in the cosmetic market.
Created in 1954, this band is mainly active in perfumerie and department stores via distribution agreements.
Today Clarins distribuate its products in more than 150 countries and is leading the high-end beauty market in Europe.
Clarins secret of succes:plants.
In fact, Clarins schemes contains more than 250 vegetable ingredients rigorously selected and cultivated in a sustainable and environmentally way.
If you like being pampered , I definitly recommand you enjoing a spa in Clarins parisian stores.


French cosmetic brands


Sisley is a french cosmetic brand which produces and distributes high quality make-up, healthcare products and fragrances.
Its products are formulated on natural plant extract and essential oils rigorously selected and controlled in order to guarantee clear results on the skin.
The brand is sold in the best department stores, perfumeries and salons all over the world.


French cosmetic brands


Fragonard is one of the oldest Perfumeries from Grasse, the city of perfum.
In France, Fragonard is known for its perfums but their also produce soaps, scented candles , face and body care products.
Fragonard also own its Musée du Parfum  in Paris which retrace the history of the perfum industry.
If you are planning to visit it, it  is opened from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., with free entry and free guided tour.
You can get there by subway: Opéra (lines 3, 7, 8), Madeleine (12, 14), Havre-Caumartin (9) Saint-Lazare (13)
RER A Auber, RER E Haussmann Saint-Lazare
Bus: 21, 22, 27, 52, 53, 66, 68, 81, 95


French cosmetic brands


Christian Dior is known for being the men who wanted to give women the passion and desire to stand for their beauty.
This is why he created Dior.
He started with a clothing line, which was so succesful that it revolutionized the fashion industry.
In fact, his design mixed elegance and casualness.
Today Dior has international sucess due to its clothing line, but not only.
Dior’s succes is also due to its perfumes and make-up products which are made for  every women.
Its most famous perfum and oldest perfum  is called Miss Dior and is worn by celebrities like Natalie Portmann

Fair price cosmetic

Yves Rocher

French cosmetic brands

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a Breton company focused on international expansion.
This brand is present in more than 110 countries and is known for being the brand which revolutionized the beauty industry.
For the reason that, it is the brand which created and developed vegetal cosmetic.
In 2015 Yves Rocher was elected, the most popular brand in France.
After all, they act for the beauty while being respectful to the environement.


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Sephora is propably the best well-known French cosmetic chain.
In fact, Sephora owns more than 1 000 shops all around the world and feature nearly 300 brands like Anastacia Beverly Hills, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Benefit, Urban Decay etc…
But it also owns it own brand Sephora accessible to everyone.

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Shopping in Paris

What to do during your Paris Breaks?

Top 5 student-friendly bars in Paris

During a quick stay in Paris, it is always great idea to meet people from all over the world in this beautiful city. And especially when you are a student traveling in Paris, there is no better choice than to go to a bar to meet interesting people.

However, as a student or a young traveler, it might be quite difficult to find bars that you expect. So, for pertinent recommendations, look no further than the list of Top 5 student-friendly bars that we have meticulously prepared for you!

L’Archi Bar (30 places)

In the heart of the student neighborhood, the Archi bar has become an inescapable place. Its basement room and terrace will make you spend an evening in a young ambiance. You can play your own music and create your own atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed either by the staff. They add to the ambiance and will party with you! So, you will be understood there whether, if it’s for its festive atmosphere or its awesome staff, all criteria are met by choosing the Archi Bar.

Schedule & Price

Opening hours: 8a.m. to 2a.m.Paris students bars

Happy hours: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Opening days: Monday to Saturday

Average age: 18 – 35 years

Cocktails: 6,5€ – 4€ (in happy hour)

Pint: 5€ – 3€ (in happy hour)

Le Bistrot des Artistes (60 places)

Paris students barsThe Bistrot des Artistes located around Odeon is a small and friendly bar where you can come to relax and meet friends. It is the perfect place to spend a good evening without breaking the bank! Cocktails at 5€ and pints at 3€ in happy hour, what more can you ask for? Here, the theme is sharing, everyone mixes together, both regulars customers and transients. As for decorations, the atmosphere is African themed, with safari hats, masks, and expositions on the walls. If you are an art lover, you will be won over. The bar regularly organizes exhibitions of paintings and photographs as well as offer concerts. Go alone or with friends, you won’t be disappointed.

Schedule & Price

Opening hours: 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Happy hours: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Opening days: Monday to Sunday

Average age: 18 – 27 years

Cocktails: 7€ – 6€ (in happy hour)

Pint: 4,5€ – 3€ (in happy hour)

Corcoran’s – Sacré Cœur (250 places)

Corcoran’s got everything a real Irish pub should have! Located in the very Parisian Sacré Coeur area, you would be able to taste their delicious whiskeys, bitter stouts, and sparkling ciders while watching a good rugby game. But that’s not all, this bar also offers you the chance to play giant quizzes or to take part in great concerts/DJ’s, something to have fun with friends! At Corcoran’s the happy hours take place from 7 pm to 9 pm and the pub can accommodate up to 300 people, the perfect combo to spend memorable evenings! So, if you’re looking for a British spirit, beer, and a crazy atmosphere, this bar is for you!

Schedule & Price

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Weekend schedule: 10 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Happy hours: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Opening days: Monday to Sunday

Average age: 18 – 25 years old

Cocktails: 9€ – 7€ (in happy hour)

Pint: 6,9€ – 5,6€ (in happy hour)

Apérock (45 places)Paris students bars

“Drinks, Food & Good Music”: these are the watchwords of ApéRock! Opened in 2013 by a fan of punk and rock, this bar-restaurant is “the first spot in Ile-de-France where you can taste a 300g entrecote while listening to Madness”. Concerts, girly parties, and crazy programs punctuate the weeks in ApéRock.

Schedule & Price

Opening hours: 6 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.Paris students bars

Happy hours: 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Opening days: Tuesday to Saturday

Average age: 23 – 35 years

Cocktails: 9€ – 7€ (in happy hour)

Pint: 8€ – 6€ (in happy hour)

La Cave Saint Germain (50 places)

In the middle of the inescapable Rue des Canettes, you cannot miss the Cave Saint-Germain, which welcomes you every day from 6 p.m. to dawn. At the beginning of the evening, in a rugby atmosphere, you will taste a plate of cold meats around a good bottle of cocktail or pint. From midnight onwards, you will invade the vaulted cellars of the 17th century to wiggle until early morning on the dance floor. For those who prefer to talk about life quietly until dawn, the ground floor bar offers a wide selection of old whiskeys, cocktails or beer.

Schedule & Price

Opening hours: 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Happy hours: 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Opening days: Monday to Saturday

Average age: 18 – 25 years old

Cocktails: 12€ – 7€ (in happy hour)

Pint: 10€ – 3€ (in happy hour)

And of course, there are plenty more student-friendly bars in Paris, you also have “Belushi’s” beside the Gare du Nord, which is already famous in London and in other capital cities in Europe. Also, other famous bars such as “Les Afterword du VIP ROOM” which accommodates more than 600 people, the popular Australian-owned Paris chain “Cafe Oz” and so on.

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Italy in 5 days

The 5 Best Places to Visit in Italy

On the menu, pizzas and pastas and for breaks, gelaterias and caffès. Isn’t Italian food the best thing in the world ? Besides delicious dishes, there are also plenty of famous artwork, so you will never get bored here. So come to Italy to experience la dolce vittà and take a tour on a Vespa around some of the most beautiful cities of the country ! Take a look at our selection of the best places to visit in Italy.



The capital of Italy, this city is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is filled with history and ruins. In fact, Rome has plenty of famous monuments, especially from the antique period which was the golden age of the city. The Colosseum and also the ruins of the Roman forum. Make a wish at the Trevis fountain and learn the myth behind the Bocca della Verità.

The Catholicism has an important place in the city. Close to 900 churches were built in total in Rome. Specifically, you must absolutely visit is the Basilica Saint Pierre in the Vatican, it is the Church where the pope lives. Be prepared to climb the stairs of the basilica to reach the dome painting by Michelange (320 steps if you take the lift or 550 without the elevator). Saint Pierre’s holy stone lies in this church.

Best places to visit in Italy

Roma @Pixabay



In Florence, which is a cradle of art, you will see the most breath-taking masterpieces of the Renaissance age. This cultural city has the greatest museum of the Renaissance, the Galleria degli Uffizi, where the Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus” is displayed. You should also visit the Galleria dell’Academia to see artworks of Michelange, and especially the sculpture of “David”.

The capital of Tuscany was marked with the Medicis, an influent sponsoring family from the Renaissance. The Palazzo Pitti, which was their home, is today an important museum.
The Ponte Vecchio built in the XIVth century is the oldest bridge of Florence. This covered alley above the Arno river has become the most famous landmark of Florence. As for the Duomo, it overlooks the capital by its impressive structure. Florence is definitely one of the best places to visit in Italy.

Best places to visit in Italy

Florence @Pixabay



Gathering 121 islands, Venice is really not an ordinary place. Built on stilts, you wouldn’t be able to resist its charm. You will like walking around the streets of the Italian city of love and visit the Palazzo Ducale and the Piazza San Marco. Walk along the shops of the Ponte di Rialto, take pictures of the Ponte dei Sosperi and visit the city on a gondola.

Do not miss the Island of Burano, a former fishing village famous for its colored houses. Fishermen are said to have painted their houses to identify their homes in the event of fog. The island is also known for its lace and glass blowing workshops.

For the Carnaval in February, Venetians wear masks and costumes. To attend the event, prepare your trip ahead of time.
Try eating a Baccala and a Tiramisu at Venise but do not overdrink Prosecco and Bellini cocktails.

Best places to visit in Italy

Venice @Pixabay



As a city of fashion, fashion weeks are organized every year at Milano. You will have the chance to shop in the most beautiful gallery of Italy, the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II. It is really the ideal place for shopping addicts.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper is one artwork to be seen at least once in your life. So jump on the occasion and visit the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Put yourself in the shoes of an opera singer at the Scala Opera House, and then go admire the Duomo of Milano, one of the most impressive gothic style churches. There’s not a thing missing in Milano, therefore it is one of the best places to visit in Italy.

And lastly, don’t forget to taste the Milanese veal chop and the risotto alla Milanese.

Best places to visit in Italy

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II @Pixabay



Naples is also full of history and treasures. Take a look at the Castel dell’Ovo, the oldest Neapolitan castle before going to the Basilica Santa Chiara, where some Kings and Queens of Naples and Sicile are buried. In fact, before the unification, Italy was separated by regions with their own Kings.

In the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, learn more about art and history of Vesuvian towns such as Herculaneum and Pompeii, destroyed by the eruption of the Vesuvius. And what’s more logical than visiting the ruins of Pompeii? Immerse yourself in the antique life and discover the baths, the gymnasiums and the amphitheaters of the time. After a rich afternoon in Pompeii, be sure to go see the Vesuvius, the volcano which destroyed Pompei. The long climbing is worthwhile.

Lastly, how can I mention Naples without even thinking about the real Neapolitan pizza! You should as well try the limoncello, a liquor made with the region’s lemons, which are known to be the best ones.

Best places to visit in Italy

Naples @Pixabay


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Shopping in Paris

Where to go for outlet shopping in Paris?

Do you enjoy shopping in Paris, one of the biggest fashion capital in the world? Perhaps you are fan of luxury products but have a limited budget, then you need to take a look of this article about outlet shopping in Paris.

Vallée Village

Outlet shopping in ParisAround 35 minutes from Paris and 5 minutes from Disneyland Parks, La Vallée Village is a commercial center in the form of a “village” which gathers more than 110 luxury and fashion brands. This is a great place for outlet shopping in Paris under a relatively reasonable budget.

For example, you can find Armani, Guess, Kenzo, Longchamp, Mickael Kors, Sandro, Zadig&Voltaire, Burberry, Marni, Calvin Klein, Superdry etc. The concept is simple: all the shops offer more than 30% of discount for all the products, except for the new collection. In fact, all the shops there sell their collections of the previous year. So, it is true that you may not always find your size of clothes, shoes. In this case, be patient and visit another shop, I am sure that you will find some wonderful goods.

After your arrival, you can go to the welcome office to get a map of the Vallée Village. Hence i twill be easier for you to know the locations of the shops in which you are interested. When you make a purchase of more than €175 in a La Vallée Village boutique, you can ask for the tax-free procedures at the cash desk.

We suggest you spending no more than a morning or an afternoon in the village because it is not so big. Moreover, there are not many choices for meals on account of the number of restaurants in the Vallée Village. In fact, technically there are just one French high-class fast food restaurant, Prêt-à-manger and a Starbucks. Therefore, you can also walk for around 10 minutes to the commercial center “Val d’Europe” just beside.outlet shopping in Paris
It is possible to obtain a VIP card, including coupons of -10% discount in 6 shops chosen by yourself.
Since the items cost already much lower than other places, these coupons offer you an additional reduction. In order to get that VIP card, you can contact a travel agency for more information.

Not as the other shops in France, La Vallée Village is open every day except the December 25th, the January 1st and the May 1st. To welcome visitors, La Vallée Village offers transport service. Every day there are 2 Shopping Express® shuttles for going to La Vallée Village and 2 shuttles for the return:

Place des Pyramides – The Village Valley: 09:30 and 13:00

Village Valley – Pyramids Square: 16:00 and 18:45

Address: 3 Cours de la Garonne, 77700 Serris

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00 Sunday to Friday and 10:00-20:00 Saturday (closed 01/01, 05/01, 12/25)

How to get there: by Shopping Express® shuttles in Place des Pyramides or RER A Val d’Europe or get in touch with a travel agency for car transport


One nation

One Nation Paris is a French outlet shopping center located in Les Clayes-sous-Bois, Yvelines. It has been open since December 4, 2013. It is not far from Versailles, so if you are visiting Versailles and looking for an idea of outlet shopping in Paris, One Nation can be a nice choice. You can even book a Versailles packages on their website, which allows the entrance of Versailles Castle and the transport to One Nation shopping center.

outlet shopping in ParisThere are two floors in the center: the ground floor is dedicated to streetwear, casual lifestyle and sports brands including Café Coton, Mango, Naf Naf, Rossignol, The North Face, Quiksilver, Pepe Jeans, Vans, Levi’s, Desigual, Ikks, American Vintage; the second floor is more devoted to premium and luxury brands such as Armani, Dirk Bikkembergs, Yves Delorme, Courrèges, Etro, Hervé Léger, Zadig & Voltaire, Diesel, BCBG, Sandro, MaxAzria, Diesel etc.
If you are resident outside the European Union, you benefit automatically from a 12% tax exemption for more than 175.01 euros of purchases on the same day in one or more One Nation Paris stores.

It is important to note that there is actually no restaurant in the One Nation shopping center. However, there are some coffee shops such as Starbucks. Don’t worry about that because if you walk just three minutes, you can find places to eat outside One nation shopping center.

Address: 1 Avenue du Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 78340 Les Clayes-sous-Bois

Opening hours: 11:00-20:00 from Sunday to Friday and 10:00-20:00 Saturday

How to get there:

Shuttle One Nation:

From Paris Opéra: 10:15 from Monday to Friday, 13:30 Saturday and Sunday

From l’Arc de Triomphe: 10:25 from Monday to Friday, 13:40 Saturday and Sunday

From Versailles: 12:00 and 15:00 Saturday and Sunday

Bus 44/50 Vallée des entrepreneurs, Bus 20 Gare routière des Clayes

SNCF Transilien N: Villepreux Les Clayes


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6 Unusual Ways to Tour Paris

Paris is filled with plenty of interesting and different ways to get to know the city better. And if you are one of those adrenaline junky, these tours will spur you! Here is a list of unique ways on how to spice up your time in Paris. ParisByM has created a list of 6 unusual ways to tour Paris. 

1. Segway Tour

Sure you can just walk around Paris to tour, but it would be twice as fun to tour in a segway. Segways tours can be found in almost any major city and can be a little costly but the experience is worth it. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to ride one since the instructors will spend the first 20 minutes teaching you how to properly ride one for your safety. Once you’ve mastered it, you are ready to go on your way to tour Paris. This is a fun moment to spend with friends while learning about interesting facts about Paris.

segway, unusual ways to tour paris

segway, unusual ways to tour paris,

2. Helicopter Tour

For those who love heights, a helicopter tour is your best bet. Imagine touring Paris from a different perspective. While others might continually see the same view of Paris, you will be able to return home with pictures from a different angle. You will be able to see and understand the landscape and the structure of the way Paris was built. This way you will gain a deeper concept of the city of Paris. It is more costly but it is definitely a great experience considering the type of experience you will gain.

helicopter tour, paris, unusual ways to tour paris


3.Rent a Boat

There are plenty of cruises where you can dine, drink or tour in the seine, but you can also rent your private boat and spend it with a group of your friends alone. This way you can have fun with a little more freedom. Stir the boat to the direction you please or let the river take you anywhere. Find creative ways to take pictures and with the monuments of choice. You can also arrange a package with ParisByM that includes your private boat along with your accommodations and transportation on your trip to Paris for less stress.

Boat, unusual ways to tour paris, private boatBoat ride, unusual ways to tour paris, rent a boat, private boat

4. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon is another way to tour Paris in an exciting way. For those who love heights, this is another great way to explore Paris. Typically hot air balloons are very expensive, luckily there is one company in the 15th arrondissement, called Ball Generali, where prices are as low as 12 euros for adults and 6 euros for children below 11 years old. This is a great experience to view Paris from the top angle and in a relaxed way. Some hot air balloon rides offer dinner or glasses of champagne while you slowly fly through the air.

(Note that Ball Generali is currently closed until March 24th)

hot air balloon, unusual ways to tour paris

credits: the third pole

5. Horse Carriage

Take it back in time when horses and horse carriages were the means of transportation. Touring around Paris in a horse carriage will enable you to experience a similar moment in time. Imagine a moment felt as if you’ve traveled back in time. This way you will be able to understand Paris better and experience a different perspective of Paris. This tour is a very relaxed and romantic tour that can be spent with your lover or with a small group of friends. For this activity, you would most likely have to book beforehand on the time and location you would like your horse carriage. For additional costs, you can also request champagne or longer time.

horse carriage, unusual ways to tour paris

credits: tripadvisor


6. Rent a Motorcycle

Take some time alone with your loved one and run away on a motorcycle tour alone. You can rent motorcycles for a good price in Paris and tour around yourself. Get lost in many of the hidden roads and eventually learn how to get around in Paris. This is a good way to explore for those who are adventurous and spontaneous and for those who dare it. There are plenty of different companies that rent out motorcycles at a competitive price. Depending on the time and type of motorcycle, you can find great prices.

motorcycle, unusual ways to tour paris

credits: club scooter locations

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Shopping in Paris, French DMC

Where to go for shopping in Paris

Considered as one of the biggest fashion capital in the world, Paris is now the city where no shopping-lovers can ignore. This article aims to give you a global idea about shopping in Paris.

Boulevard Haussmann

Shopping in Paris

Speaking of shopping in Paris, we should definitely talk about the Boulevard Haussmann. There may be the most famous shopping malls in Paris: Galeries Lafayette and Printemps.

Shopping in ParisPrintemps Haussmann is a department store founded in 1865. Because of a big fire, the store has rebuilt its interior in the 1920s. If you are coming to Paris in November or December, you can’t miss the Christmas display of Printemps Haussmann. It was the first department store to create this kind of display. Every year during the Christmas season, Printemps collaborates with famous artists to fulfill its window displays.

Shopping in Paris

As for Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, it is an upmarket department store which was opened since 1895 and moved to Boulevard Haussmann in 1912. You can not only find haute couture here but also ready-to-wear collections at reasonable prices. Furthermore, Galeries Lafayette is one of the most popular tourist spots for shopping in Paris because of its fabulous dome. When you step in the mall, you should absolutely raise your head and take a look at the dome.


Le Marais

Shopping in ParisSince the Moyen-Âge until the 18th century, a lot of French nobles built their mansions in the Marais district. As an ancient aristocratic area, Le Marais is now a district of fashion. You can find some fantastic streets for strolling, for example, Rue de Rivoli, Rue de Turenne, Rue des Francs Bourgeois… Rue de Rivoli is one of Paris’ longest streets and includes the most fashionable shops in the world. Thanks to many ancient buildings, this street is both historic and modern.

Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville Marais (Le BHV Marais), which offers various brands across its eight floors, is the biggest department store on Rue de Rivoli.


Châtelet-Les Halles

Shopping in ParisChâtelet-Les Halles, the quarter around the Pompidou Center, is definitely going to seduce you. As the biggest transfer station in Paris, Châtelet-Les Halles welcomes large amounts of people, which offers favorable circumstances to business activities. You can access the Halles Forum when you walk down the metro in just some minutes. It is an underground shopping center with 5 levels that was rebuilt from 2010 to 2017. Personally, I really like this place because I can find nearly everything I need: cinemas, all types of shops, restaurants, swimming pool, gym, banks… However, this place is also known for a bad reputation due to some suspicious people, such as pick-pockets, madmen, drug dealers. So, you need to be careful and mindful of your safety and not stay there too late.


Avenue Montaigne/Avenue George V

shopping in ParisIf you go to the Champs-Elysées and find it a little unoriginal, then you should walk just a short distance to the Avenue Montaigne or Avenue George V. These infamous streets in the 8th department are not far from the Champs-Elysées and the Place de l’Alma (Alma-Marceau Station). You can find designer shops specializing in high fashion, such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior’s first shop. One thing is sure: nothing is cheap in this area!


Boulevards Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Last and definitely not least, on our list of the best shopping streets are Boulevards Saint Michel and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. If Galeries Lafayette is for the tourists, then perhaps Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the favorite shopping area of Parisians. Both boulevards have numerous and attractive shops. This is the area of Sorbonne University, which will explain the numerous amount of bars, cafes, bookstores and the young and relaxing atmosphere. The Bon Marché is also in this quarter. It is true that Bon Marché is not as famous as Galeries Lafayette or Printemps Haussmann for tourists to go shopping in Paris, however, if you are looking for high-class stylish goods, then you can’t miss this department store!Shopping in Paris

Traditional French Food, must try foods in paris

Top 8 Traditional French Food You Need to Try

French food is no doubt one of the most renowned, especially the gastronomy.But you also have popular traditional French food. So today, ParisByM proposes you a list so you can try to cook French food, by yourself or with a chief. For those who do not cook at all, this selection will help you choose your dishes in a French restaurant.

So here is the list of the 8 most tasty traditional French food you have to try once in your lifetime. Bon appétit!


The Burgundy Beef

A traditional French food to not miss out. Burgundy Beef is, as its name says, a dish from Burgundy. It was, at the beginning, a dish served for special days. The beef is cooked up with onions, carrots, bouquet garni and, most importantly, the main ingredient which is of course the wine of Burgundy. If today it is served with potatoes and pastas, it was at first eaten with garlic toasted bread.

Traditional French Food

Burgundy Beef @Flickr


The Rooster in wine

The rooster, a French emblematic animal, can also be found in the plates. This local dish is an alternative of the Burgundy beef, so it is as well made with red wine. Some French kind of bacon called « Lardons », mushrooms, onions and carrots are added. After a few hours simmering with all these ingredients, the rooster will be ready to be eaten. And lastly, be careful to not get drunk by eating too much rooster in wine!

Traditional French Food

Rooster in Wine @Wikimedia Commons


The Fire Pot

The fire pot is a traditional dish from the 13th century. The meat is boiled for a long time with vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions and pears) and aromatic herbs, to make a broth. The recipe is flexible, you can replace the beef with any kind of meat you want, from chicken to lamb. It is often eaten with baguette, the traditional Parisian pain bread.

Traditional French Food

Fire Pot @Wikimedia Commons


The Steak Tartare

Ideal for the carnivores, it is one of the easiest French dish to cook. After seasoning the raw meat, we add some capers, and onions. An egg yolk is often put on top.
Don’t forget to use good and fresh beef, otherwise you may be sick since it is raw.

traditional French food

Steak Tartare @Pixabay


The Quiche Lorraine

A French typical salted tart. Traditionally made with eggs, fresh cream and « Lardons », there are alternatives, for vegetarians for instance. This Lorraine pie can be served warm or cold. Most of the time, the “Quiche Lorraine” can be found in bakery and caterers.

Traditional French Food

Basil and Tomato Quiche @Wikimedia Commons



A traditional French dish made with potatoes, onions, lardons and Reblochon cheese, a famous French cheese from Savoy. The must is when it is baked and gratined. It a warming dish, especially popular among families during winter’s cold season.

Traditional French Food

Tartiflette @Wikipedia Commons


The Escargot

Among the surprising traditional French food, is included the Escargot, which is cooked snails. Commonly savored for festive meals, such as Christmas Eve, this traditional French dishes comes from the Burgundy region. The snails are cooked with some parsley garlic butter sauce.

Traditional French Food

Escargot de Bourgogne @Pixabay


The Hachis Parmentier

The Hachis Parmentier is a French main dishes made with mashed potatoes and minced beef. It was named after Antoine Parmentier, a French nutricionist who popularized the potato, by proving to people that it was not dangerous for health, but, on the contrary, able to solve the famine.

Traditional French Food

Hachis Parmentier @Wikimedia Commons



The “Crêpes”

A Breton specialty that is similar of America pancakes, but thinner. The “Crêpes” are a highly customizable dish that can be eaten in at any time of the day. Indeed if it is mostly eaten sweet, “Crêpes” can also be cooked with salty ingredients, jam and mushrooms for example. The salty version can be found under the name “Galette”.

Traditional French Food

Crêpes Pixabay

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La Vallée Village

A French “village de marques”, literally “village of brands”, is a shopping center specializing in promotional sales. In fact, it is a grouping of shops, often of luxury brands, organized like a village (and often the traditional architecture of the area of implantation). In Paris, the most famous “village de marques” is certainly La Vallée Village.

La vallée village

Concept of the Vallée Village

The creation of the concept is for brands to find a way organizing sales of goods all the year almost as the same way as sales. The difference between sales and “villages de marques” is that normal shops should obey the legal period of sales, but shops in a village de marques can make reduction all the time. This kind of shopping village provides products of great brands at attractive prices.

In order to give visitors a real impression of strolling, the architecture claims to be better quality than that of factory shop. In La Vallée Village, the items are mainly of the previous year’s collections and of the “surplus production” so that the sale of these items allows the other stores of the same brand to have free places to their recent items.

Around 35 minutes from Paris and 5 minutes from Disneyland Parks, La Vallée Village is a commercial center in the form of a “village” which gathers more than 110 luxury and fashion brands. This is a great place for shopping under a relatively reasonable budget.  For example, you can find Armani, Guess, Kenzo, Longchamp, Mickael Kors, Sandro, Zadig&Voltaire, Burberry, Marni, Calvin Klein, Superdry etc.

Outlet shopping in Paris, La vallée village


Tips For Your Shopping Session At The Vallée Village

After your arrival, you can go to the welcome office to get a map of the Vallée Village. Hence it will be easier for you to know the locations of the shops in which you are interested. When you make a purchase of more than €175 in a La Vallée Village boutique, you can ask for the tax-free procedures at the cash desk.

It is possible to obtain a VIP card, including coupons of -10% discount in 6 shops chosen by yourself. Since the items cost already much lower than other places, these coupons offer you an additional reduction. In order to get that VIP card, you can contact a travel agency for more information.

We suggest you spending no more than a morning or an afternoon in the village because it is not so big.


Practical Informations

Address: 3 Cours de la Garonne, 77700 Serris

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00 Sunday to Friday and 10:00-20:00 Saturday (closed on 01/01, 05/01, 12/25)

How to get there: by Shopping Express® shuttles* in Place des Pyramides or RER A Val d’Europe or get in touch with a travel agency for car transport

*Shopping Express® shuttles for going to La Vallée Village and 2 shuttles for the return:

Place des Pyramides – La Vallée Village: 09:30 and 13:00

La Vallée Village – Pyramids Square: 16:00 and 18:45


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Normandy Beach

Normandy Beaches Tour, An Other Side Of Normandy

Want to take a relaxing breakNormandy Beaches Tour is the vacation for you. You will find perfect places to spend relaxing holidays, don’t wait anymore and book your trip with our guide.
More than just being the region of the Normandy Battle, its landscapes have actually made it a cradle of art, and more specifically an impressionism. Indeed, plenty of gorgeous landscapes sculpted by nature are inspired by this location.
Whether to do a touristic tour or an unusual getaway its all up to you!

To have advice for a Normandy Battle Tour, you can read this article here.


For a Romantic Normandy Beaches Tour



Walking along the streets and feel the French charm of the city that inspired many impressionists. A city full of flowers, it conveys a cozy and warming feeling. Fortunately, the charm of old days has been preserved since the city was affected by the bombs during World War II.

On the beach, all kinds of activities are proposed: Gliding, kite, surfing, paddle, hiking. In the summer, there are also organized sand castles contests. All the keys for a relaxing weekend!

Normandy Beaches Tour

Honfleur Harbor @Pixabay



For a romantic trip between lovers, Cabourg is the perfect place! This is a popular location for filmmaking (La Boum, Intouchables…). Each year a romantic film festival is organized. There are also spa therapy and casino that are the main attractions of the city.

Another monument you can’t miss is the Grand Hotel of Cabourg. This city was made famous by the French writer Marcel Proust who stayed there for a period. He described it in his book In Search of the Lost Time. This well-known monument was also occupied by Germans during World War II.

Normandy Beaches Tour

Cabourg Beach @Wikimedia Commons



For a Family Normandy Beaches Tour


Deauville – Trouville

Deauville is a seaside resort, well known for its leisure port and casinos. Parisians, especially, used to come here due to its proximity.
Along the white sand beach, you will find the symbolic multicolored beach umbrellas and the mythical boards. The 3 kilometers of beach was as well used by many artists as inspirations.
For those who love horseback riding, you have 2 hippodromes and a training center at Deauville.

Across the river, you will find the twin city, Trouville. The city is quieter than Deauville, which is a more luxurious place to go.

Normandy Beaches Tour

Deauville’s Famous Sunshades @Wikimédia Commons


Le Havre

This modern city with a harbor was classified as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. Rebuilt by Auguste Perret after World War II’s bombing, the building has a quite unique structure.
It is as well the hometown of the impressionist painter Monet.

The most important monuments and museums are the Church of Saint Joseph and the MuMa, Museum of Modern Art André Malraux. You can also take a look at the sample flat of Auguste Perret to discover an ideal apartment in the 1950’s.

Normandy Beaches Tour

Le Havre @Wikimedia Commons



To be close-to-nature Normandy Beaches Tour



Come enjoy the sunset on the pebble beach of Etretat! Former fishing village, and as well seaside resort in the XIXth century, many painters and writers, inspired by the city, took part in its blooming. Boudin, Maupassant or Flaubert, to name just a few of the biggest ones.

This outstanding site with a natural treasure took a part in WWII. The halls were transformed into a military hospital.

The city is famous for its cliffs covered by limestone (white chalk), which gives its white color. On the Beach, enjoy the view on the Aval cliff in a shape of an arch, hollow needle, and human hole. Pay attention to the human hole so you wont fall in!

etretat, etretat cliffs, Normandy Beaches Tour

Etretat Beach



For the people who dream to be connected with nature, Tahitou is made for you! This small island is a heaven on earth, ideal for recharging your batteries. Tahitou can be reached by boat or by foot as well, for the most courageous, when the beach is at low tide.

On the island, an ornithological reserve can be found. You can also visit the lazaret, with a marine museum, and the Fort Vauban, which was classified as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008.

Do not forget : dogs are not accepted on the island

Normandy Beaches Tour

Tahitou @Wikimedia Commons


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music festivals in France

Music Festivals in France you shouldn’t miss

You would rather die than miss the opportunity to be  at a music festival?
You’ve already crossed 1000 miles just to take part at huge festivals like Tomorrow Land, Coachella or Rock in Rio?
And you want to discover another country’s festival like France in an alternative way by following your passion?
So here is a list of French festivals worth visiting before you kick the bucket.


Les Eurockéenes de Belfort

The Eurockéenes is an annual three-day rock festival in the peninsula of the Lac du Malsaucy, 10 km from Belfort.
It is one of  the most enormous music festival in France and has been nominated at the UK Festival Awards 2012.

Useful informations:

  • Where does the festival take place: in the peninsula of the Lac du Malsaucy
  • When does it take place: generally in the first week of August
  • Entry:46€ for a day, 108€ for 3 days


Solidays, Paris

Solidays, now 15 years old, is the oldest festival in Paris.
Yearly, it assembles about one thousand people who stand together against sexually transmitted diseases.
The artists, perfom voluntarily in solidarity with AIDS patients and its benefits are redistributed to AIDS support organisations and funding programs.

Useful informations:

  • Where does the festival take place: Paris
  • When does the festival take place: generally at the end of June
  • Entry: 39€ for a day,  89€ for 3 days

Le Festival des Vieilles Charues, Carhaix

This four-day festival, takes place in a commune in the Finistère department in Northwest France.
Le Festival des Vieilles Charues welcoms each year artists from different horizons.
So if you like multiculturality and different music styles, this is the place to be.

Useful informations:

  • Where does the festival take place: Carhaix-Plouguer, in Bretagne
  • When does it take place: generally in mid-July
  • Entry: 39 to 45 € for a day, 155 for the 4 day pass



Rock en Seine

Rock en Seine is the biggest rock festival in the Region Île de France.
It yearly takes place in the parc de Saint Cloud, outside the gates of Paris.
If you are coming for more than 2 days, you can also enjoy Paris and its area by visiting famous historical attractions  or by doing unusual things in Paris.

Useful informations:

  • Where does the festival take place : Saint Cloud, in the region Île de France
  • When does it take place : end-August
  • Entry:46 € for a day and 119€ for 3 days


Hellfest, Clisson

Hellfest is for French Heavy Metal fans The unmissable event.
You can miss all Heavy Metal meetings but if you miss this one, you are definitely down.
With more than, 220 000 participants in 2017, this event is the most visited music festival in France and one of the biggest Metal-Festival in Europe.
If Heavy Metal is too soft or too hard for you, you should know that, this festival has 4 stages dedicated to a particular style like death metal, hardcore punk, doome methal, black metal etc.

Useful informations:

  • Where does the festival take place: Clisson, in the Loire-Atlantique département
  • When does it take place: mid-June
  • Entry:85 € per day, 185 for 3-day pass


Electrobeach, Le Barcarés

Electrobeach is the biggest electro festival in France.
Created in 2014, it reunites over 100 000 visitors who  yearly dance on the Lydia Beach.
With Afrojack, Tiesto, David Guetta and Martin Solveig as electrobeaches headliner, Lydia’s Beach transformed to France’s  biggest dancefloor and to a music festival you shouldn’t miss.

Useful informations:

  • Where does the festival take place: le Barcarés, in southern France
  • When does it take place : mid july
  • Entry: 70€ for a day, 150 € for a 3 day pass.

Francofolies de la Rochelle

Les Francofolies is the biggest French-speaking festival in the world.
If you don’t speak french but enjoy listening to French sounds, French people will show you how to celebrate        here ;-).

Useful informations:

  • Where does the festival take place: la Rochelle, in Charente Maritime
  • When does it take place:mid july
  • Entry: from 8-40€, it depends on the concerts

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Weekend trip to Paris

Paris has many attractions worth visiting (the Eiffel Tower,the Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum) but if you’re just for a weekend in the French capital, you will have to make choices. What you do or do not visit is of course a personal choice, but we want to help you on your way. What should you definitely visit and what can you easily skip? A weekend is actually not enough to explore the French capital but you can also do a lot on a weekend. You will then have to limit yourself to the absolute highlights. In this article we will sum up the best places you should visit and during a weekend in the City of Light.You should surely also have time to drink a coffee in a traditional café, have lunch with a delicious wine or soak up the Parisian ‘joie de vivre’!

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower,Paris,Tourism,Weekend trip
Is there a monument in the world that is more famous and iconic than the Eiffel tower ? It is almost impossible to visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Even if you don’t want to visit the world-famous tower, you’ll see the peak from all over the centre of Paris.  This immense iron monument, a real architectural and technical challenge, is nowadays a symbol of Paris and France for tourists from all over the world. The pride of the Parisians has quickly become the most visited monument in the world.The tower is 324 metres high, when it was built at the end of the 19th century, it was twice as high as the highest building of the time, the Washington Monument in the United States.

The Sacré Coeur

Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, Weekend trip Paris, places of interest paris

The Sacré Coeur is located in the 18th arrondissement in Paris on the hill of Montmartre nobody can miss out on this bright white eye-catching church.This is not just a church but a basilica. This beautiful basilica is definitely not to be missed in your city trip Paris. Follow the narrow, winding streets of Montmartre and you’ll automatically arrive at this white basilica with its impressive architecture. Standing at the front of the basilica, you can look far beyond the city. In front of the Sacré Coeur is a large staircase of 237 steps. It is a challenge to climb it and get to the basilica. But if you find this too heavy, you can also come up with the cable car. This cable car is called the Funiculaire de Montemarte.

The Notre-Dame

Scenic, Paris, Sunday, Notre Dame cathedral, Weekend trip to Paris

Who does not know the story of the whistleblower of the Notre-Dame ? The writer of this story, Victor Hugo, also called the Notre-Dame “symphony of stone”. If you visit Paris, it is also worth visiting this Gothic masterpiece. Situated in the heart of Paris, this church is one of the top 10 sights of Paris.The Notre-Dame is a very striking Cathedral. It is 130 metres long, 48 metres wide and 35 metres high. The two unfinished towers have a height of 69 metres. Enjoy stunning views and climb the stairs of these towers.

The Louvre Museum

Louvre, Paris,Weekend trip to Paris

A visit to Paris is not complete without having seen the Louvre museum. This is the largest museum in the world and according to many people the most beautiful. The museum itself is already a separate attraction. It used to be the largest palace in the world and of course you also want to see the Mona lisa and the Venus of Milo and 400,000 other works of art.

The Luxembourg garden

Weekend trip to Paris, the Luxembourg Garden of Paris, France

Even though your program is packed, try to do it quietly during your weekend in Paris. The Luxembourg garden is an ideal place to relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and watch the people around you. 

The Luxembourg garden is a park of about 25 hectares. This is one of the most popular among both Parisian residents and tourists. During the weekend you will find many couples and families with children in this park and during the week you will find many students here. There are separate chairs everywhere in the park, which you can put on the desired spot in the park.

The Luxembourg garden also has an open-air café, a music tent, tennis courts and a puppet theatre.

In the park there are many statues of important figures from French history.

Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysées

Champs elysees,Paris,Weekend trip Paris,France

Arc de Triomphe,Weekend trip to Paris,Tourism,Paris,France







The city of Paris also includes the famous monuments. The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. This is also the most famous triumphal arch of the world. The Champs- Élysées is known as the street through which everyone wants to walk.The French also call the Champs- Élysées called “La plus belle avenue du monde”. What in English means: the most beautiful avenue in the world. The Champs- Élysées is so popularly called but officially it is Avenue des Champs- Élysées. The name is from Greek mythology. Elyzee were fields, these were considered to be a happy residence.


Versailles Castle


Musée du Louvre: What to See, What to Do?

Tours from Paris: The Best Places to Visit


Bois de Boulogne, Jogging in Paris

Unusual things to do in Paris

You would like to discover Paris in an alternative way without queuing up to get to touristic attraction everyone has already seen?
Or do you just want to do uncommon things other than touristic activities?

You should visit Noteworthy Museums

The louvre Museum and the Georges Pompidou Center are not the only Museums in Paris.
There are many others, which make Paris worth visiting.

The Catacombs

Catacombes of Paris, unusual things to do, Paris, France

Catacombes of Paris

The Catacombs are a maze-like ossuary, 20 meters under the Paris Road’s.
Beforehand, only insiders were visiting this” spooky place”.Now, it is so successful that even families with small children are queuing up to get to the Catacombs.
In the XVIII century, more than 6 million mortal remains were evacuated there, to make place for new death people.
If you plan to visit the Catacombs, I recommend you packing warm clothing because it’s cold, there.
I also recommend you schedule something after that, because a visit to the Catacombs takes approximatively 45 minutes,while the waiting time  sometimes be very long, as only 200 people can go in at the same time.
If you are planning group-visits, I suggest you reserving 8 weeks in advance.


Le Grand musée du parfum & Le musée du parfum Fragonard

unusual things to do in Paris

Le Grand Musée de Paris

As you may certainly know, France is renowned for its Perfume industry.

Paris is the Place where the creators of prestigious Perfumes are based while Grasse is the centre of the Perfume industry.
But, le Grand Musée du Parfum and le Musée du Parfum Fragonard are in Paris.
These Museums will make you understand the perfumers’ approach and offer you a real sensory experience.
The entry price for le Grand Musée du Parfum is approximately 14,90€ for an adult.
For le Musée du Parfum Fragonard, the entry is free.

Choco-Story Paris- Le Musée du Chocolat

unusual things to do in Paris, unusual things

Musée du Chocolat

Chocolate is the most liked confectionery of French people.
So, if you like Chocolate and French People, Choco-Story is the Museum you don’t have to miss.
For the reason that, this museum will awake your taste buds and make you dive into the tasty world of Chocolate.
On top of that, you can take home your self-made chocolate.


The Wine Museum of Paris

unusual things to do in Paris

Crédits:Office du tourisme

For Christians, wine is a celestial drink which connects “God” to the Human beings.
No matter what color, wine is expected on every French dinner tables.
The Wine Museum, “Le musée du vin “, is with its many wine references, an inescapable place, not far from the Eiffel Tower.
So if you are a wine lover, this is where you should go.

You can take part at unusual guided tours

Guided tour of Paris meurtrier

unusual things to do in Paris, unusual things

Henry désirée Landru (Crédit:Wikipedia)

If you are a fan of crime television shows like “Criminal Mind”, “Cold case” or “Riverdale”, this guided tour may hold your attention.
Because you will visit famous places where crimes were committed.
You will hear about the greatest French criminels like Henry Desirée Landru ,alias “Bluebeard”, Guy George or Thierry Paulin who once frightened French People.
So if you want to shudder in Paris streets, I invite you to take part at this tour.

The haunted mansion of Paris

Halloween Paris 2016, unusual things to do in Paris, unusual things

Strong nerves are required for those who desire to visit the haunted mansion of Paris.
In fact, it is a real emotional thrill ride and the only place in Paris where you can strain your nerves.
You can also get acquainted throughout different circuits, with parisian legends like “Le bossu de Notre-Dame”, “Le fantôme du jardin des Tuileries” and “Le pâtissier sanguinaire”.
But, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have kids under 12.

You can do unusual activities during your trip

Take part in an auction

unusual things to do in Paris, auctions


A lot of people are dreaming about renownedness and wealth, while most dreams about propriety.
For those who dream about propriety, it is an evidence to go to auctions because, by taking part of them, you can acquire expensive things at advantageous prices.
Furthermore, if you’ve never been to an auction, it would be worth looking behind the scenes of auctions.
Maybe you could be the next owner.

Sight jogging

Best Places to Go Jogging in Paris, unusual things to do in Paris

Credit: Josiah Mackenzie

For all those who can’t keep on their feet and don’t enjoy bus tours, sight jogging may be the perfect city tour for you.
Sigh jogging is a combination of jogging and sightseeing and  is currently trending on all European metropolitan areas for  the main reason that sight jogging is green and healthy.


Sure, there are many other unusual things to do in Paris but this list may help you having a quick overview of things you might enjoy doing.



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ParisByM internship

Alternance / 8-12 month internship – Sales & Marketing


ParisByM is a start-up in the tourism industry specializing on receiving tourists in Paris. ParisByM offers tailor-made packages adapted to each traveler’s situation, expectations and budget.

The type of clients is as follows:
– 80% of foreigners vs. 20% of French nationals.
– 80% of individuals vs. 20% of groups

ParisByM is growing and is looking for an intern to take part in its development.

More information on


Sales manager – 60%-70% of the time

Weekly manage leads to qualify their needs and find the correct offer from ParisByM
Prepare tailor made trip packages based on client requests
Meet customers to make sure everything is in order
Get client reviews and feedbacks

Marketing manager – 30%-40% of the time

Take part in the weekly brainstorming sessions
Design & create attractive offers by creating thematic packages (Paris, France, Europe)
Develop partnerships with third parties and other local companies in the tourism industry
Redact content for the website and especially posts for the blog
Newsletters for the various acquisition channels


English native language or bilingual
Fluency in French
Excellent writing and communication skills
Interest in the fields of culture, travel / tourism and events.
Ability to adapt quickly to evolve in a small business environment on a variety of subjects
Proactivity and creativity to think out of the box
Ability to adapt a start up environment


ParisByM offers this position as either a long term internship (stage longue durée) for 10-12 months with an internship convention or as a part time internship (contrat d’apprentisage) for 12 months.

ParisByM does not offer this position as a Contrat de Professionalisation.

Legal allowance of ~550 € / month up to 1 000€ / month

Available: now
Located in Paris (75016).

HOW TO APPLY: send resume and cover letter in French or English to


How is it to work at ParisByM?

ParisByM is a local company, operating from Paris and dedicated to plan all inclusive packages for tourists who want to schedule holidays in Paris and France

We consider ourselves as a start up as we are permanently looking for new ways to improve the services we provide to our customers.

All employees at ParisByM, from the CEO to the interns take part in weekly brainstorming sessions, customer interviews and weekly operations.

Access employee reviews