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Loire Valley Wine Tasting : Ideal For Wine Lovers

Wine Tasting is more than only drinking wine, it is a real experience that allows you to learn about wines. How to differentiate them ? What does an appellation means ? How to properly taste wine like a professional ? And many other things on wine vocabulary. We see, scent, taste and evaluate the wine quality. The main goal of a wine tasting is to know how to talk about the wine after tasting it. Since Loire Valley’s wine is famous all over the world, why not doing a wine tasting in the region ?
Here is our guide to help you for a Loire Valley wine tasting.


Why You Should Do a Loire Valley Wine Tasting ?


Curious or wine expert, come and taste the wines produced in the region of the Loire Valley. The region is the 3rd biggest wine region of France, making it worth tasting. Without forgetting that the Loire Valley’s wine history dates back 2000 years ago, attesting the quality of the region’s wines. There are countless vineyards in Loire Valley mostly thanks to the temperate climate, which is ideal for grapes production. Lastly, this region has a great diversity of wines : 86 different wines appellation including very famous ones, so you have a wide choice of white, rosé, red or mousseux wine. That is one of the main reasons why you should do a Loire Valley wine tasting. The most important appellations of the region are Chinon, Bourgeuil, Cheverny, MontLouis and Vouvray. You will find at Vouvray mostly white wines and red wines at Chinon.

champagne tasting, Loire Valley wine tasting


Where to go for a Loire Valley Wine Tasting ?


The Duhard wine cellar

This cellar does not produce and sell its own wines but those of many domains. This allows them to offers a general view of the wines of the region. In addition to the affordable price of the wine tasting, they also speak English, which is better for the understanding. The friendly staff explains very well wine’s notions, even for beginners and people who know little about wine. Individual or group tasting, young or old wines, or even according to a theme, choose the type of wine tasting that suits the best to your desires. For more information on the Duhard wine cellar, here is an article.

56 Rue du Rocher des Violettes, 37400 Amboise

Loire Valley wine tasting

Duhard Wine Cellar


The Voltaire wine cellar

This wine cellar is located in Chinon, where are produced the some of the best wines of the region. It is a must to visit to get a global idea on the wines of the region. The friendly boss gives good piece of advice, in English as well. He has a broad range of organic quality products. Enjoy the local wines proposed and the delicatessen and refined cheese served with. They speak in English. You must also know that in summer season, the selection of wines is wider than the rest of the year.

13 Rue Voltaire, 37500 Chinon

Loire Valley wine tasting

Voltaire Wine Cellar @Chinon Coeur de Ville


Boisard Fils, The Domain of the Mortier

The Boisard produces in their 13 hectares of fields, wines with the appellation Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. What is special about this domain is their production process that takes into account the respect of the ecosystem. Their vineyards are cultivated in harmony with nature to produce organic wines, that means no chemicals, pesticides or insecticides, but natural and ecological systems to protect the vines against pests or any potential diseases. The staff is welcoming and passionate about their job. They explain well, whether it is in English or German. Seing the vines is also an interesting plus.

Le Petit Bas Mortier, 37140 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

Loire Valley wine tasting

Domaine du Mortier – Boisard Filos @Boisard Fils


Attention ! The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for the health !


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Where To Stay In Loire Valley : Hotels Guide

A lot of impressive castles from the Renaissance are scattered throughout the region. From the famous castle of Amboise to the outstanding castle of Azay-le-Rideau, this region is really filled with history. We also can’t forget to talk about the wine of the region, known internationally. If you are interested, you can take part in a wine tasting proposed by wine cellar.

So here is a list of special hotels where to stay Loire Valley to immerse in the universe of the Renaissance and extend the fairy atmosphere conveyed by the region’s castles.




Hotel Les Minimes ****


The manor house offers an exceptional environment to their clients. The spacious room are designed with the French touch of the Renaissance time. Really well located, the hotel is at only 5 minutes of the château of Amboise and 15 minutes of the Clos-Lucé! I advise you to ask a room with a view of the Amboise castle. Warm and customer-friendly service, you will find everything you need for your comfort.

34 Quai Charles Guinot, 37400 Amboise

where to stay in Loire Valley

Hotel Les Minimes @Hotel Les Minimes


Hotel Le Clos d’Amboise ****


The Clos d’Amboise was a former master house from the 17th century, transformed in hotel. Its history gives him a unique charm you will not resist to. The traditional design with a modern touch is really pleasant. You can enjoy the sauna, the swimming pool and a breakfast at the terrace full of rose bushes. A bar-restaurant is available if you are a bit hungry.

27 Rue Rabelais, 37400 Amboise

where to stay in Loire Valley

Hotel Le Clos d’Amboise @Hotel Le Clos dAmboise




Hotel Auberge du Bon Laboureur ****


Former postal relay, this charming hotel has a cosy setting where you can rest. Behind its luxuriant exterior, can be found a heated swimming pool and Scandinavian baths. The 1-star restaurant offers in its menu, tasty and original dishes. Very well-located, the hotel is at 2 min only of the Castle of Chenonceau and 30 km from the zoo of Beauval.

6 Rue du Docteur Bretonneau, 37150 Chenonceaux

where to stay in Loire Valley

Auberge du Bon Laboureur @Auberge du Bon Laboureur


Hotel La Roseraie ***


With its comfy bedrooms and its classical design, the hotel conveys a relaxing atmosphere. The secret weapon of this hotel is its flowery garden where it is nice to walk around in summer. With a restaurant and a swimming pool at your disposal and a perfect service, this hotel is really a good value for money. Highly recommended.

7 Rue Docteur Bretonneau, 37150 Chenonceaux

where to stay in Loire Valley

Hotel La Roseraie @Hotel La Roseraie


Cheverny – Chambord


Hotel Relais des Trois Chateaux ****


In you search a comfy place where to stay in the Loire Valley, come to the hotel of the Relais des Trois Chateaux. At first a postal relay, it was transformed in hotel-restaurant in 1865. Since, the hotel kept its special identity while modernizing itself. The spacious rooms, the helpful staff, everything is here to make you feel at ease. The little extra is the fireplace where you can have a café or an appetizer.

1 Place Victor Hugo, 41700 Cour-Cheverny

where to stay in Loire Valley

Hotel Relais des Trois Chateaux @Hotel Relais des Trois Chateaux


Hotel Restaurant Saint Hubert ***


Near the castles of Chambord, Cheverny and Amboise, this hotel-restaurant is an ideal location where to stay in Loire Valley to see the most worth visiting castles. A simple and cosy hotel-restaurant perfect for families : Rooms for 4 available. The restaurant offers local specialities. The staff is very welcoming and attentive to our requests.

122 Rue Nationale, 41700 Cour-Cheverny

where to stay in Loire Valley

Hotel Saint Hubert @Hotel Saint Hubert


East of Tours


Chateau de Rochecotte ****


Spend a night in an exceptional place : a castle of the Loire Valley. The castle of Rochecotte with its majestic French style gardens and Italian patio has a both classical and baroque design. The hotel by its special assets, represents the French grace. This authentic place is at 20-25 min from the magnificent castle of Azay le Rideau, renoved recently, and the castle of Ussé, so beautiful that it has inspired Charles Perrault for the Sleeping Beauty tale.

where to stay in Loire Valley

Chateau de Rochecotte @Chateau de Rochecotte


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French Riviera tours : the best places to visit

Situated in the south-east of France, French Riviera attracts more than 10 million tourists each year. The second leading tourist destination in France benefits from 300 days of sunshine per year and 115 kilometers of coastline and beaches.

However, different from the Parisian region where the monuments are generally centralized, French Riviera is a tourist attraction more dispersed which is consisted of several cities and towns. Therefore, you would not fully receive and integrate what French Riviera offers if you didn’t have a good tour plan before setting off.

The most worthwhile places you need to visit in French Riviera


French Riviera toursConsidered as the home and the heart of French Riviera, is an unmissable destination. You can walk along the Promenande des Anglais and discover its famous building such as “the Negresco”. Then get a walk on the place Massena and take a break on the Coulée Verte. The flower market in the old city is also worth a visit, a famous colorful place surrounded by typical buildings. All in all, you will find why Nice is the first destination in French Riviera by discovering the huge amount of attractions.


French Riviera toursMoncaco possesses a special status which makes it become the second smallest country in the world – it is an officially independent city-state. In Monaco, you will be able to visit the old town, the palace, the cathedral and the garden over looking the sea. By night, there is also an amazing light show in the city of Monaco. Even though so many things to discover, don’t forget the most famous “Prince’s Palace of Monaco” and “Monte Carlo Casino”


French Riviera toursWhen we talk about Cannes, the first thing that really comes to mind is Cannes Film Festival. So, you can come to Cannes and make your dream come true! Visit the film festival palace and walk on the famous red carpet to fell like a star, this must be the first thing that would you like to do in Cannes. But alongside, it is also fascinating to walk along the famous Promenade de la Croisette with the coastal view and the most famous hotels accommodating the celebrities.


French Riviera toursNot far from the city of Nice, you can pass through the middle corniche road to discover this amazing perched, medieval village at more than 560 meters above sea level. The region is famous for the great variety of flowers that grow there, and there are a number of perfumeries to be explored, such as the famous perfumery “Fragonard”. You can also enjoy a free visit of the Galimard perfume factory.


French Riviera toursAntibes is a resort between Nice and Cannes, the city is famous for having the largest marina in Europe and Mediterranean, and the third largest marina in the world. The city was once occupied by the Celto-Ligurians, the Greeks established a trading post here in the 11th century. Its fortifications were ordered by Vauban. What is inescapable in this city is the Musée Picasso, with Picasso art collection on display in the chateau museum where he lived and worked by 1946.


French Riviera toursWe are almost on the edge of the French Riviera, in this genuine Provencal fishing village, the diverse charm and creativity of designers from around the world have created the “St Trop life style” in a contrasting mix of massive yachts. You can start to experience the special St Trop life style with a drink or cake at Seneauier Bar, where is a favourite meeting place for celebrities. Then either a walk up the citadels steps offering a 360° view at the top; or have an memorable shopping experience in the multitude of shops filled with famous French and international brands. If you still have time, you can visit Gendarmerie Nationale, which is a cinema-history museum focusing on local films & actors.

Set off from Paris

To get to French Riviera from Paris, the best way is to catch a plane, the price for a return round trip varies from 130€ to 200€ which lightly cheaper than taking a TGV. If you want to enjoy the scenery along the way, don’t hesitate to take a train or rent a car and self drive.

When to visit French Riviera

The best moment to visit French Riviera is no doubt in summer, on the other hand, the inappropriate moment to visit is in winter.

Excerpt Nice, which is relatively populated city in French Riviera and you can still see habitants in winter, other cities are inaminate in winter.


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