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Fragonard Museum Paris

Fragonard Museum of Perfume, an olfactory trip in Paris!

In Paris, we usually struggle to find a place to visit which is pleasing, delicate and low-cost at the same time. In this regard, ParisByM have recently discovered a very delightful place that will offer you a unique and memorable experience! So, let us talk you about the Fragonard Musée du parfum (Museum of perfume).

Fragonard museum Paris

Entrance of the museum

Fragonard museum ParisOpened by the renowned perfume house Fragonard, the Musée du parfum is situated in the middle of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Opéra Garnier. It spans over 2000 m², in the 19th century, its original form was a theater called Éden-Théâtre which later became a cycling track for the Parisians to learn how to ride bicycles. Under this thick atmosphere of history, the free admission is available for everybody. If you are not a French speaker, the museum also has the tour guides who could be able to speak your languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Germany, Italian, Portuguese, Russain).

Fragonard museum Paris

When entering the museum, you will feel immediately the mysteriousness of the perfume which is relieved against the dim light and the retro decoration. Then, a dazzling array of exhibits will jump into your eyes, especially the perfume collections and other perfumery-related objects dating from Antiquity to the 20th century which are really impressive by the first sight. Passing through these exhibits in chronological order, you will get to know about the born of the perfume, and the different uses of the perfume until its standardization. Also, you will find that the museum is literally modernized, because not only your tour guide, but also the informative videos will be at your disposal in order to explain to you about different exhibits.

As you keep going forward, you will walk into the stills room, where you will be plunged into an early 20-century alike perfume factory. The stills models are verisimilar. With the explaination of your tour guide, you will perfectly understand the different stages of the perfume production (from the picking to the distillation then to the bottling). Afterwards will come the very interesting part of the museum, the introduction of the profession “nose” and the “olfactory pyramid”. This part is informative and also very practical, because the knowledge acquired will certainly help you to choose your next perfume!

In the end of the visit, with it comes the interaction between you and your tour guide. You will be brought into a room to play a scent recognition game with Fragonard’s products. At this point, you will truly feel the magic of the perfume by smelling different fragrances.

Fragonar Museum Paris

The museum’s showroom

Once the visit is finished, you will leave the museum by passing through the museum’s showroom. Different from a tourist trap, the prices are extremely attractive, the products are generally much cheaper than you had thought before, and you will not feel embarassed if you don’t want to buy anything. The duration of the visit is actually flexible, you can finish the visit within half an hour if you are in a hurry, or you can take more than an hour to invest your heart and soul into this world full of aroma and culture.

A delicate museum of 2000 m², with a collection of over 300 precious objects retracing 3000 years of history of perfume as well as the secrets of the manufacture, the raw materials and the profession of perfumer. Thanks to all these rich contents, the museum offers you a simply unique olfactory trip in Paris!

Fragonard Museum Paris

If you want to visit the musée du parfum, there’s no need to book, all you have to do is to show up in front of the museum reception. The guided tours are free, and they take place about every 20 minutes. By the way, if you are a group of more than eight people, you may have to book in order to facilitate the organization. Or you can just go to the reception and wait for the next guided tour.


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