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Team Building in Paris

Traveling with a group you want to get to know better? Paris is a city full of amazing opportunities for travel and team building. Explore the city in a new light by getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Below are the top five team building activities to try during your stay in Paris. They will give you a great taste for the city, and allow you to connect with people on your trip on a deeper level.


1) Photo Scavenger Hunt

Paris is a city with hundreds of sights to see, and a scavenger hunt is the best way to both explore the city of lights and experience team building in Paris with people in your group. This game can get as detailed or as broad as you want it to. An easy and fun way to accomplish this is to divide your team into even groups and create a list of 20 or so sights to see. All teams must visit each sight listed and take a group picture in front it, proving they went. The first team to finish wins! This team building exercise allows members from each team to work, strategize and get to know one another better than before. A group reflection is always encouraged at the end to voice what worked and didn’t work during the hunt. In addition, some local museums in Paris offer treasure hunts as well.

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2) Escape room game

A second team building activity Paris offers is the escape room game. Located in several different areas across Paris, it offers people a chance to work together to solve riddles and clues in order to unlock the door of a room and escape in a limited amount of time. Most of the locations offer the games in English as well. This stimulating game is an exciting team building activity to do in Paris because it provides a space for people to work together, collaborate ideas, and trust one another in order to complete a common goal under a time limit. Just like in the real world, teams have important jobs to accomplish with strict deadlines. This game allows people to experience something similar in a fun and enjoyable way. Keep in mind that this is an unique activity for team building in Paris and is very popular, so be sure to book in advance!

lock, team building in Paris

3) Acrobranche

Looking to get active while in Paris? Acrobranche is high-adrenaline outdoor ropes course in the trees, and there is one located just outside the city. Completely safe, this activity requires a lot of teamwork and group effort. It is a great experience for team building in Paris, as it truly does builds people’s character. This activity is all about supporting those around you and uplifting them, guiding them, and encouraging them through what may be frightening, or difficult for others. While you are 100% strapped in and completely safe, the height and course difficulty may be challenging to some, so it is important to verbally support and communicate with one another. If interested, you can click here for information about prices, dates, and how acrobranche works.

team building in Paris

4) Food

There’s nothing in the world that brings people together like good food, especially in Paris. Parisian cuisine is one of a kind and what better way to experience it than with people who want to get to know better. From cooking classes, to wine tasting, to local food markets, to even enjoying a café, your choices are practically unlimited as to what you can do. Team building activities in Paris involving food are great to experience because they make for great conversational atmospheres. It allows people to share their own personal life stories or struggles, and it can help them step outside their comfort zone by trying new things or talking to new people, something very useful when team building in Paris.

 Cooking class in Paris

5) Guided Tours

Both public and private tours function as yet another great way to get involved in team building in Paris. Spending the day with others allows you to really get to know each other on a personal level outside of the workforce. Here in Paris, there are several options for tours and transportation ranging from: bus tours, bike tours, walking tours, audio tours, and even Segway tours! This a great way to experience all that the city has to offer and emerge yourself into a new culture. A city tour is also a great opportunity to create long lasting memories with those around you.

Paris guided tours, team building in Paris

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paris airport transfer, apps to download before going to paris

Apps to Download Before Going to Paris

When visiting a new place for the first time, you want to make sure you are well prepared and have everything you might need. We have curated a list of 5 categories of apps to download before going to Paris so you can be certain to have everything you possibly need right at your fingertips.

1. Stay in Touch – Communication Apps

Talk to people with WhatsApp! WhatsApp is a great app to download before going to Paris and one highly recommended by us. This app allows you to message, call, and video chat with family and friends all around the world, even if they’re in another country. The best part about it is that it’s free, with no international charges! Rather than using your phone’s cellular plan, it uses your Internet connection such as Wi-Fi so you don’t get stuck paying for messages or calls.

Traveller enjoying Travel WiFi modem, apps to download before traveling

2. Don’t Get Lost, Get Directions! – Map Apps

Google Maps is a highly recommended navigation app worth downloading pre-departure. With Google Maps, get the fastest routes and directions to any place you want to go, including driving, walking, and public transit routes. This is ideal because as we know it, Paris is a city where public transportation is part of everyday culture. Google Maps will help you located the nearest metros, trains, and bus stops, while giving you real-time ETA’s, automatic re-routing options, and traffic conditions.

Paris 2 days package, apps to download before traveling

RATP is a free app to download before going to Paris. RATP will act as your guide to public transport in Paris and the Ile de France region. It provides people with real-time schedules of all public transportation in the city including busses, RER trains, metros, tramways to and from the airports, and even the bike share system. There is also a function where you can receive customizable updates regarding your voyage.

Metro or Subway Paris, apps to download before traveling

Why pay for an expensive taxi when you can have a private car come pick you up at a cheaper price? Uber is a ride-sharing app running daily and nightly and is convenient to avoid long waits. Requesting one is easy; all you have to do is input you’re desired address and an Uber driver will come pick you up within minutes. Once the request is confirmed, you’ll receive your trip details and estimated payment. You can even track their location the whole ride. Riding with friends? No Problem! Uber offers different options for traveling with larger groups too!

visit paris and france Find information about how to travel in Paris. Travelling in Paris is relatively easy and cheap as long as you use public transport, apps to download before traveling

Map over metros in Paris… Almost on every corner!

3. Money Manager – Conversion Apps

When traveling, it is always important to know keep track of what you’re spending. The Amount App is a conversion app recommended to download before going to Paris. It not only helps converts currency rates, but also includes conversions for weather, sizes, and others units of measurements, something travelers find very useful.

cheap accommodation paris, apps to download before traveling

4. Explore the Parisian Cuisine – Food Apps

France is a country known for its delicious gastronomy. Now, there is an app to help you locate the fine dining and even help you set up a reservation for a specific day and time. The Fork is an extremely popular app that is highly recommended. The Fork provides you with over 30,000 of Europe’s finest restaurants with options to directly reserve tables through the app at no charge. Discounts up to 50% off  are also available in certain restaurants.

apps to download before traveling

Male professional chef cooking in a kitchen.

5. Extras! – Miscellaneous Apps

Get extra information with the QR Code Reader and Scanner. We highly recommend this  app to download before going to Paris. The QR code reader and scanner allows you to find useful information. When you see a QR code somewhere and want more information about it, use the app on your phone as a scanner, hold it over the QR code, and more information will appear. It also works with barcodes and business cards, another handy feature.

apps to download before traveling

Stay in the loop with events going on around you by downloading your favorite news app. Most newspapers and news websites provide their respective news apps available to download for free. Common ones include the NYT, the Washington Post, CNN, and Fox News among several others. You can read and catch up on the latest broadcasts while you’re waiting in line somewhere, on the metro, or just have some time to kill.

apps to download before traveling

Paris is filled with so much wonderful history and architecture that you are bound to want to visit at least one museum during your stay. A good way to discover what you can find at certain museums is to check to see if the museum you had in mind has an app to download before going to Paris. This is a great way to save time before your visit!

paris in 3 days, apps to download before traveling

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