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kid-friendly restaurants in Paris

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Paris

We all know that traveling with little ones can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to dinner or lunchtime. In order to ease your planning process, we’ve curated a little list of 10 kid-friendly restaurants in Paris. They are easy and affordable places to eat when traveling with young children, and we even include some allergy sensitive options. Give your kids the royal treatment by taking them to a place that they will enjoy just as much as you!


16 rue des Ecouffes

Paris 75004

Tel: +33 01 48 87 31 29


kid-friendly restaurants in Paris

What more could a kid want then burgers, hot dogs, and cheesecake? Well, this place has it all! This deli is a close representation of what you would expect from a typical New-York Diner. While they don’t have kid menus, these options are very kid-friendly and super easy to share. Several different locations are available to choose from and no reservation necessary either!


47 rue Curvier

Paris 75005

Tel: +33 01 40 79 80 72


kid friendly restaurants in parisThis kid-friendly restaurant in Paris is great because it is open 7 days a week! Kids menus are available for just 13.50euro for kids up to 12 years of age. There are also 2 different terraces to enjoy; the first is on the Jardin des Plantes side overlooking the park of the Wallabies, and the other is more shaded under the centenary Paulownia of Japan.


14 Boulevard Montmartre

Paris 75009

Tel: +33 01 53 24 60 00


kid-friendly restaurant in paris

Hard Rock Café is a classic, worldwide restaurant that families love. It’s great for kids, especially teens that like a warm, musical atmosphere. This place family friendly is great in the evening because after enjoying a delicious meal, you can browse through the museum that houses the living legends of rock stars. In addition, they have an organization called Roxtars Kids Club every Sunday from 12:30-15:30 where a group can supervise children!


32 rue Pierre Fontaine

Paris 75009

Tel: +33 01 77 18 39 71


kid-friendly restaurant in Paris

This coffeehouse has the perfect kid-friendly environment. It is a great place to enjoy coffee, homemade pastries, sandwiches and more with your family and friends. Kids can benefit from the play area offered in the café, and the high chairs and baby changing tables are convenient and accessible for parents. The inexpensive prices also make this café a great brunch spot on Sunday’s.


31 rue de Paradis

Paris 75010

Tel: +33 01 40 22 05 55


kid friendly restaurants in paris
This kid-friendly restaurant in Paris provides organic, fresh Franco-Japanese food that is sure to satisfy any child’s tastes buds. Located in the 10th district, this trendy place requires reservations ahead of time; however, it is a great place to bring your kids because there is a game area dedicated just to them. There, they can color, and play with modeling clay while munching on some delicious food.


4 Cité de l’Ameublement

Paris 75011

Tel: +33 01 53 277 33 61


kid friendly restaurant in paris

Chez He is one of the most innovative kid-friendly restaurants in Paris. A whole floor is dedicated just to the kids to play and have a good time, choosing from countless different games and activities for all ages. Parents, don’t worry about supervision; at Chez He there are TV monitors where you can keep an eye on the youngsters running around that connect to the play room. And while reservations aren’t necessary, it might be a good idea considering how popular this place is.


43 Boulevard de Garibaldi

Paris 75015

Tel: +33 09 54 04 04 80


kid friendly restaurants in paris

Need a little time to work on vacation? This is the perfect kid-friendly place to bring your kids and check those work emails during your stay in Paris. Here parents can benefit from free wifi, while the children can play in the designated play area. High chairs are also available for babies. The menu includes set lunch menus during the week and is open exclusively by reservation on Sundays for private parties, birthday celebrations, baby showers, family reunions… you name it!


6 rue du forez

Paris 75003

Tel: +33 09 83 82 53 53


kid friendly restaurants in paris

Of course some children have allergies! Luckily we are here to give you some allergy sensitive kid-friendly options as well. This café includes food options that are very organic. You can find vegetarian, vegan friendly, gluten-free, and dairy-free options here. They also have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available.


11 rue Bichat

Paris 75010

Tel: +33 09 54 27 68 97


kid friendly restaurants in paris

This canteen-like restaurant is another great kid-friendly restaurant in Paris for families who have kids that have allergies. It’s open 7 days a week and focuses of serving organic seasonal foods at low prices. Take out options are also available!


15 rue des Vignoles

Paris 75020

Tel: +33 01 43 73 57 88


kid friendly restaurants in paris

La Petite Fabrique is a great space to relax and enjoy a meal with your kids. Strollers are welcome and there is a cozy warm environment, with a little vintage touch as well. The food is mostly vegetarian and is all prepared and served very fresh, yet they do offer meat dishes for those who prefer them.

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Indian food in Paris

Indian Food in Paris

Ever wanted to experience the different cultural dishes from around the world? Look no further! Little do people know, Indian food has a huge presence in Paris. Now, more than ever, there are a bunch of new places to try great Indian cuisine! Here is a list of top 10 restaurants to find delicious Indian food in Paris.

1. Le Maharaja

48 Rue de la Condamine,

Paris, France 75017

Tel: +33 1 42 94 96 72

Enjoy friendly customer service while dining on classical Indian and Sri Lakan cuisine. This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and the dal makhani is a must try. Vegetarian friendly, this place will sure sooth your taste buds.

indian food in paris

2. Kashmir House

36 Rue de Chabrol

Paris, France 75010

Tel: +33 1 40 22 00 89

This is an indo-Pakastani restaurant house. This restaurant has a typical Indian setting with woodcarvings and exquisite furnishings. Its two Indian food specialties are its tandoori chicken and lamb Kashmir. This place is special because it allows you to privatize the restaurant for big parties.

indian food in paris

3. Bollynan Montorgueil

12, rue des Petits Carreaux

Paris, France 75002

Tel: +33 1 45 08 40 51

This restaurant is great for both lunch and dinner, and can even make a good place to visit for drinks if you’re looking for good Indian food in Paris. They serve both Indian and French food, so it would be perfect to try cuisine from two different cultures in one spot. It’s the perfect spot to get some take-out if you’re on a time crunch.

indian food in paris

4. Restaurant Buddha

13 rue Saint Hippolyte

Paris, France 75013

Tel:  +33 1 43 36 34 41

While this restaurant serves awesome Indian food, it also has Himalayan and Nepalese dishes as well, prepared by a Nepali chef using a real oven in Tandoori. While it has the classic dishes, they also serve homeland specialities including Mixed Pakoda or Bara (black lentils with Nepalese spices). Do not forget the delicacies like the Gulaab Jamun. Book reservations through today.

indian food in paris

5. Les Jardins de Shah Jahan

179, rue de Vaugirard

Paris, France 75015

Tel: +33 1 47 34 09 62

This Indian restaurant is ran by a team of experienced professionals who will greet you with a warm welcome. Located in the 15th arrondissement, Les Jardins de Shah Jahan brings you authentic Indian food at great prices. There are even discounts on the à la carte menu for take-out. Be sure to try their curry and nan bread specialties.

indian food in paris, restaurant

6. Le Jardin du Kashmir

60 rue Legendre

Paris, France 75017

Tel: +33 1 85 09 01 88

This Indo-Pakistan kitchen offers a fine and neat cuisine. The decor in this restaurant is oriental with stunning woodwork and paintings on the walls. Most importantly, they offer great specialties of the region which are displayed à la carte: chicken tikka, sheek kebab, lamb curry or shrimp masala. Rich and sweet flavors of all Indian food in Paris are on the menu!

indian food in paris, lamb curry

7. Lakshmi Bhavan

57, rue Rodier

Paris, France 75009

Tel: +33 1 45 26 61 87

This restaurant offers its guests with a one of a kind experience in the heart of the 9th district in Paris. Serving traditional Indian cuisine, the restaurant is also vegetarian friendly, and can be privatized for a large group event. With menus under 25€, be able to experience flavorful food at reasonable prices. You can also book reservations online!

indian food in paris, nan bread

8. Palais de Raja Maharaja

21 rue d’Ouessant

Paris, France 75015

Tel: +33 1 43 06 50 39

For over a decade, Le Palais de Raja Maharaja has been serving Indian food to its visitors. Recently, the owner of the restaurant stated, “We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade (TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence) is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive traveler reviews on TripAdvisor.”

trip advisor logo, indian food in paris

9. Samsara

3 rue de Jourdain

Paris, France 75020

Tel: +33 1 43 66 02 65

Samsara is a yet another great option to explore Indian food in Paris and a good way to excite your taste buds. This is a one of a kind restaurant because in addition to table seating and take-out, Samsara delivers! Get the typical Indian cuisine delivered to your doorstep for great quality and low prices.

indian food in paris

10. Au Palais du Grand Moghol

9 rue Gérando

Paris, France 75009

Tel: +33 1 48 74 83 80

Experience the traditional Indian style with carved wood, and red tablecloths directly from India. Since 1979, this restaurant has brought the spices and flavors from India to the city of Paris for multiple people to enjoy. They even have a terrace when you can enjoy your meal while listening to Indian music being played.

indian food in paris

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Corporate event, corporate event in Paris, business event in Paris, event companies in Paris, business hotel in paris, Marriott hotel in Paris

How to Organize A Corporate Event in Paris

When planning a corporate event, it’s imperative to have a well thought out itinerary. While traveling with a big group of people can be hard, it can also be a great experience if planned out correctly. Below are five of the most important things to keep in mind when planning the perfect corporate event in Paris and how to make the most of your trip.

1. The big picture

The very first step in organizing a corporate event in Paris is to define your event. What is it you’re looking to accomplish during this trip? What is it you’re looking to takeaway from a trip like this? Why plan this trip in the first place? It’s essential to determine the purpose of your trip and brainstorm activities and goals you have in mind for you and your respective company. This way, you can easily share your ideas with others, get people on board for the trip, and eventually start planning the perfect trip.

Corporate event, corporate event in Paris


2. Do your research

Before booking anything on impulse it is important to visualize what you are looking for. A clear outline of your event is always useful in determining how to feasibly book a successful trip. Useful questions to ask yourself include the following: How many people are traveling? How long will your stay be? When will it be? What is your budget? These general questions are necessary to help plan out the details of the trip accordingly. Once these key questions are defined, you can proceed to step three, organizing your program.

corporate event in Paris

3. Get Organized

Organization is key in order to maximize your trip. Once some guidelines about the basis of your corporate trip are set, begin organizing it. Thinking about suitable accommodation and transportation is important when booking a corporate trip to Paris. If you are traveling with a large party, looking into a bigger hotel chain might be more reasonable, especially when traveling on a budget. When traveling with a smaller group, it is easier to find more local hotel businesses to accommodate everyone. In addition, public transportation is fairly simple to use in Paris, and every inexpensive. After the details of your trip have been calculated, you are ready to move forward in the planning process.

Corporate offers, corporate event in Paris

4. Include a special event

Make the event unforgettable for all corporate members by including a special event. A gala dinner, talent show, or award ceremony is a great idea to finish off a long day of conferences or seminars. A special activity serves as a great idea for allowing coworkers to bond and can be used as a great teambuilding activity. It will add a personal touch to your visit, making it even more of a memorable experience.

champagne tasting, corporate event in Paris

5. Plan a day off

Paris is a city with so much to explore, so don’t forget to leave a day open! An excellent and exciting way to top off a corporate planned trip to Paris is to plan a day off, allowing people to see Paris in the light they choose. From monuments, to museums, it gives individuals a chance to customize their trip, and partake in exactly whatever they want. Whether it is a trip to Versailles, the catacombs, or the Eiffel Tour, it makes for a great highlight. Be sure not to miss out on all that Paris has to offer!

Eiffel Tower, Paris, Eiffel Tower Prices, eiffel tower information, corporate event in Paris

Always be sure to keep in mind, that these basic steps require patience and preparation; however a little work goes a long way. Planning a corporate event to Paris should be an enjoyable process that shouldn’t be rushed. If you follow the guidelines above, you are sure to have a rewarding experience. Bon Voyage!

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classification restaurants paris, brasserie, budget hotels in paris, best affordable restaurants in Paris

Famous Brasseries in Paris

Discover some of Paris’ most well-known brasseries. Dating back from all the way from the 17th century to present day, these Brasseries are known for their stunning décor, historical significances, and most importantly, their delicious cuisine inspired by different regions all over France. Continue reading about 20 of the most famous brasseries in Paris. 

food, restaurants, famous brasserie in paris

1. Au Pied de Cochon

6 rue coquillere 75001 Paris

Tél: 01 40 13 77 00

Located in the heart of the city, this fun restaurant has been a part of the capital since 1947. Whether it be at night or during the day, its mix of modernity and tradition brings a charm to the city. Enjoy their famous onion gratinée soup, or even better, pig!


2. Le Grand Café Capucines

restaurant, food, famous brasserie in paris

4 Boulevard des Capucines 75009 Paris

Tél: 01 43 12 19 00

This restaurant serves as a magical place in Parisian life. Open 24 hours, this café gives you a chance to experience its extravagant decor as well as the chef’s specialties. And don’t forget to taste the exquisite pastries after a satisfying meal.


City of Épernay, drinks, famous brasserie in paris

3. L’Alsace

39 avenue des Camps Elysées 75008 Paris

Tél: 01 53 93 97 00

This charming restaurant is located on what is known as the most beautiful avenue in the world and is open all day everyday, 24/7. Discover all Alsatian gastronomy through different specialties including sauerkraut, braised pork shank, wine from the Alsatian region, and a variety of seafood.


Paris Food, seafood, famous brasserie in paris

4. Chez Charlot

12 place de Clichy 75009 Paris

Tél: 01 53 20 48 00

Known as the “King of the Shells,” this brasserie carries influence from the Provence region of France, which can be seen through its ceramics, 1925 furniture, frescoes, and overall splendor. This famous brasserie in Paris is a great spot to try all the extensive Mediterranean flavors including bouillabaisse from Marseille.


Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Paris, food, famous brasserie in paris

5. Le Procope

13 Rue de ‘Ancienne Comédie 75006 Paris

Tél: 01 40 46 79 00

This is the place to visit for all the history lovers! Founded in 1686, Le Procope served as a local meeting place for iconic figures such as Voltaire, Danton, Robespierre, Molière, Diderot, and Benjamin Franklin. Their décor marks events that took place in history, which is a charming feature. And of course, its cuisine makes it a famous brasserie in Paris.


traditional restaurants in Paris, famous brasserie in paris

6. La Fermette Marbeuf

5 rue Marbeuf 75008 Paris

Tél: 01 53 23 08 06

The authenticity of this brasserie definitely stands out for its Art Nouveau style as seen in its décor and inventory of historical monuments. Incorporating both new and classical cuisine, the chef’s inspirations combined to make for a gourmet dining experience that’s elegant and refined. Some of the popular deserts include Grand Marnier soufflé, sweetbread, and aerial puff pastries.  


food, restaurants, famous brasserie in paris

7. La Taverne

24 Boulevard des Italiens 75009 Paris

Tél: 01 55 33 10 00

La Tavern has a happy, and animated atmosphere. There is a warm and welcoming ambiance when you visit, and you are sure to get great Alsatian specialties. Be sure to try their quiches and shellfish.  


restaurants in paris, famous brasserie in paris, food

8. La Lorraine

2 Place des Ternes 75008 Paris

Tél: 01 56 21 22 00

Although an older restaurant, this flamboyant institution remains young, lively, and welcoming to its guests. Their décor is that of Art Nouveau and it has one of the best seafood spreads of Paris as well as a big menu of their best products in their prospective area.


9. Le Petit Zinc

restaurants in paris, famous brasserie in paris, food

11 rue Saint-Benoit 75006 Paris

Tél: 01 42 86 61 00

Near Saint-Germain-des-Prés, this quaint place has the most pure style of Art Nouveau. Enjoy a serene, quiet, and private environment while dining on the fine cuisine. Their specialties include lamb shoulder with rose garlic and veal liver, two of the many diverse selections they have.


10. Chez Jenny

crab, food in paris, restaurants in paris,famous brasserie in paris

39 Boulevard de Temple 75003 Paris

Tél: 01 44 54 39 00

This Alsatian brasserie is considered to be one of the most beautiful brasseries Paris has to offer for its superb mosaics and wood paneling. With amazing sauerkraut and crustaceans, and the generous portions you’re in for a treat in you come to this famous brasserie in Paris!  


restaurants in paris, famous brasserie in paris

11. Le sud

91 Boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr 75015 Paris

Tél: 01 45 74 02 77

Le Sud is a unique place that spans multiple floors and offers different atmospheres: coffee, bar, restaurant, patio and green. This is a place encompassing a Mediterranean spirit, and it is ideal for cocktails, or al dente pasta. 


restaurants in paris, famous brasserie in paris

12. La Coupole

102 Boulevard de Montparnasse 75014 Paris

Tél: 01 43 20 14 20

This brasserie is one of the most famous brasseries in Paris. It serves a symbol of the history of Montparnasse, and is a great place to experience the nightlife.


13. Bofingerselection traditional brasseries paris, restaurant, famous brasserie in paris

5-7 rue de la Bastille 75004 Paris

Tél: 01 42 72 87 82

Brasserie Bofinger is yet another restaurant serving Alsatian specialties. It has a big diversity in its seafood choices and is considered “the most beautiful brasserie in Paris.”


14. Terminus Nord

restaurants, traditional brasserie in paris, famous brasserie in paris

23 rue de Dunkerque 75010 Paris

Tél: 01 42 85 01 15

This brasserie is known for mix of Art Nouveau and Art Déco style, getting inspiration from the Gare du Nord train station. From businessmen to families, all kinds of people are welcome at the Terminus Nord and excited to experience the traditional brasserie culture.


traditional french food, famous brasserie in paris

15. Vaudeville

29 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris

Tél: 01 40 20 04 62

Vaudeville is a terrific brasserie known for its quality of cuisine and great customer service. Being situated in the center of the city, people love to come here to experience a typical French meal, while enjoying its lovely terrace.


traditional brasserie in paris, restaurant, famous brasserie in paris

16. Boeuf Sur Le Toit

34 rue de Colisée 75008 Paris

Tél: 01 53 93 65 55

Come and experience all there is at the temple of jazz music. Boeuf Sur Le Toit is where you can dine on typically served “Right Bank” food and enjoy an Art Déco style, which a touch of modernity.


17. Brasserie Flo

traditional brasserie in paris, restaurant, famous brasserie in paris

7 cour des Petites Ecuries 75010 Paris

Tél: 01 47 70 13 59

Situated through the arches of a little cobblestoned road, Brasserie Flo is a famous brasserie in Paris that offers a delicious dining experience while surrounding yourself in an authentic setting dating from the 19th century. This is a great place to try French recipes.


18. Balzar

traditional brasserie in paris, restaurant, famous brasserie in paris

49 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris

Tél: 01 43 54 13 67

Similar to Le Procope, the Balzar brasserie was home to many intellectuals, writers, and academic people at the time. Serving authentic French dishes, it provides you with an everlasting experience in the Latin Quarter, while exploring the history starting since 1886.


traditional brasserie in paris, restaurant, famous brasserie in paris

19. Julien

16 rue de faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris

Tél: 01 47 70 12 06

Julien is the most feminine of the Art Nouveau brasseries in Paris. It contains moldings, immense mirrors, and “flower ladies” painted on molten glass, classifying it as a historical monument. Check out this famous brasserie in Paris to dine while looking at art. 


wine, drinking in paris, famous brasserie in paris

20. Le Petit Marguery

9 Boulevard de Port Royal 75013 Paris

Tél: 01 43 31 58 59

Having décor from the 1900’s gives this brasserie an original feel. Its friendly space is welcoming to everyone wanting to try French cuisine and its daily-modified menu offers a one of kind experience.


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galeries lafayette, shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris – La Vallée Village

Love a good shopping spree? Shopping at La Vallée Village is a perfect way to shop the day away! Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a friend, this village-like outlet mall offers reduced prices of a minimum of 33% on over 110 fashion and luxury labels. Located not too far away from the center city of Paris, it is considered a must-do trip; after all, you’re in the fashion capital of the world! Below is some useful information on how to easily get there, and how to shop in Paris.

shopping in Paris, Vallée Village

General Information

La Vallée Village is located on 3 Cours de la Garonne, 77700 Serris, France. The shopping outlet is open seven days a week from 10:00am-7:00pm except for all major holidays. On Saturdays enjoy an extra hour of shopping, as the outlet mall doesn’t close until 8:00pm. The mall offers shopping for women, men, and children. Out of its 110 stores to explore, major brands include Zadig & Voltaire, Diesel, and Coach to name a few.

shopping in Paris, Vallée village

Getting there is simple. It is about 40 minutes outside the center of Paris, and you can get there by car, RER A line, or the Shopping Express Shuttle the mall offers. For 25€ (13€ for kids), the shuttle has two daily departure and return times to choose from, and will pick you up and drop you off right in the center of Paris. You can even book your tickets online.

Paris travel agency, location, shopping in paris, Vallée Village

Shopping Packages and Services

Make shopping in Paris a fun event! La Vallée Village offers bundle shopping packages that are easy to redeem and convenient to use. Their packages range from Haute Couture Shopping (Limited Edition), A Shopping Day Experience, or a VIP & Cultural Package. Click here to book your package online, or find out more information about what these packages include.

Enjoy your shopping experience with a hands free shopping service. For a flat rate of just 10€, you can shop in Paris stress-free, and have the store attendants manage your purchases so you can simply pick up your shopping bags on your way out.

How to walk the walk like a Parisian, shopping in paris, Vallée Village

PhotoCredit: Pixabay

An on-site alterations service is also available at La Vallée Village. From Wednesday to Sunday, the alterations service is available to tailor any of your purchases. Some alterations may even be done in as little as an hour, depending on the sort of alteration required.

shopping in paris, alterations, clothes, Vallée Village

Save even more money by taking advantage of La Vallée Village tax rebate service. For non-EU citizens who spend over 175€, you are able to receive a 12% tax rebate on your purchases with presentation of a valid passport ID. Be sure to also check your credit card and airline companies to see if you could benefit from La Vallée Village frequent traveller program. Click here to see a list of their travel partners, and all their benefits they provide. This way, shopping in Paris becomes even more affordable.

Car Services

If you’re traveling by car, La Vallée Village provides a choice of free or valet parking. In addition, they offer a quality premium car wash service for an additional fee. Have an electric car? La Vallée Village also offers charging stations free of charge.

Additional Services

La Vallée Village is family friendly, providing changing rooms, strollers, and play areas for children. It is a perfect place to enjoy family and shop at the same time. After a full day of shopping, you might get hungry. There is no need to worry because La Vallée Village is equipped with several diverse options for food and drink. Special offers also include free Wi-Fi, gift cards available for purchase, as well as a loyalty program you can learn more about online.

Visit Paris with ParisByM discover our Paris packages, shopping in paris, Vallée Village

To learn more about La Vallée Village and shopping in Paris, visit their website, Discover all the possibilities La Vallée Village has to offer and leave in style wearing your favorite designer!

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