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Loire Valley, french castles

Top 10 French Castles

Fond of the Middle Ages, their mysteries and monuments full of history? Also keen on kings and the way they left their mark on their time? Here is a top 10 French castles which will fulfil your curiosity about the most stunning French architectural creations.


Around Paris

Versailles Gardens, versailles, the gardens, french castles1. Versailles Palace

In order to avoid any rebellion against his reign, King Louis XIV built a magnificent castle in Versailles for his court and himself. They settled there from 1682, and the palace still is an important sign of the greatness of France. With its renowned Hall of Mirrors, King’s apartments, but also Palace of the Grand Trianon, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate and its sumptuous gardens, it is without a doubt an outstanding castle nobody should miss.


french castles2. Vaux le Vicomte Castle

Located in the south-east of Paris, this 17th century castle was designed by Nicolas Fouquet, in charge of Finance under the reign of Louis XIV. It was actually used as a model for the construction of the Château de Versailles, which already implies how beautiful this castle is. Don’t miss its French gardens designed by Le Nôtre, which will leave you as relaxed as admiring.


3. Fontainebleau Castle

Fontainebleau, french castles

Here is a castle which has known many different ages. Its construction probably began in the 12th century and it housed French Kings such as François Ier. With its classical, Renaissance, medieval but also Italian styles, it is a must-see near Paris, particularly because it is surrounded by a beautiful parc and the very popular Fontainebleau Forest.


4. Chantilly Castle

french castles

Originally a medieval fortress, then damaged during the French Revolution, this castle knew a great revival in the 1880’s thanks to the descendant of the last French King Louis-Philippe, the Duc d’Aumale. Full of its personal collections, it was left by the duc himself in 1885 to the Institute of France. It has now become the “Condé Museum” and is also surrounded by gorgeous French gardens designed by Le Nôtre.


In the Loire Valley


5. Chambord Castle

Loire Valley, Full Day, Guided Tour, visit paris and france, french castles

Our top 10 French Castles continues with the biggest castle of the Loire Valley: Chambord. It was built in the 16th century by King François Ier, who used to spend a lot of time there. The magnificence of its surroundings but also of its architecture, which is said to originate partly from De Vinci’s imagination, caused its registration at the UNESCO World Heritage in 1981.


6. Chenonceau Castle

Chenonceau, 5 days in france, france tourist attractions, french castles

This Renaissance castle, nicknamed the “Ladies’ castle”, housed many duchesses and queens such as Diane de Poitiers or Catherine de Medicis, who both have dedicated gardens there. Particularly known for its galleries on the Cher river, it is the second most visited castle just after Versailles, and its splendour tells us why.


7. Cheverny Castle

french castles

A heritage transmited through ages within the same family, this classical castle from the 17th century was the first to be opened to the public in 1922. It is a huge estate with a botanical garden, parks, doghouses and even a 3D museum about the “Moulinsart castle” used by Hergé in his Tintin cartoons.


8. Ussé Castlefrench castles

Also known as the “Sleeping Beauty Castle” because Charles Perrault took inspiration from it for his tale, its medieval and Renaissance style make it a very unique castle. Although private, it is open to public visits and its Le Nôtre gardens are as worth a visit as the stunning castle.


9. Villandry Castle

Villandry Castle, french castles

Registered in the UNESCO World Heritage, the great renown of this castle is mainly due to its gardens divided into 4 terraces : the sun garden, the water garden, the decoration garden and the vegetable garden. The last Renaissance castle built along the river Loire, the harmony of its estate makes it a must-see.


10. Blois Castle

french castles

Domicile of many French Kings it is also called the “Royal Castle.” This castle is an extraordinary exhibition of how the French architecture changed through the years. You can distinguish 4 styles from the “cour d’honneur”: medieval with the 13th century fortress, gothic with Louis 12’s wing, Renaissance with François Ier’s wing, and classic with Gaston d’Orleans’ wing. And don’t miss the monumental double helix staircase!


So if you liked this top 10 French Castles, what are you waiting for? Go satisfy your curiosity!


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cocktail bars in paris, top 10 bars in paris, best things to do in Paris at night

Top 10 Bars in Paris

Whether you are a lover of wine, jazz music, tapas, beer or any other things, these Top 10 bars in Paris will certainly meet your expectations! We sorted different themes so that you will find the best bars in each category. Ready, thirsty… Go!

1. Wine Bar: Chez Nous

Paris in 2 days, Top 10 bars in paris

Our Top 10 bars in Paris start with this little wine lover paradise which offers many types of wine, be they white or red. Putting forward small producers and biological agriculture, it also offers refined meals to go with the wines, within a rustic but charming decoration!


Two other suggestions

  • The Frenchie, to discover vineyards from all over the world!
  • L’Ecluse, offering Bordeaux wines along with a delicious meal!


2. Playful Bar: Le Nid – Cocon Ludique

This 3rd arrondissement playful bar offers more than 500 board games, so that you will always have a good time! There is also a shop in which you can buy games that suit all ages, and some events are organised each week to assure a very joyful atmosphere!

Two other suggestions


cocktail bars in paris, top 10 bars in Paris

3. Cocktail Bar : Le Syndicat

If you are eager to taste original cocktails with rare types of alcohols and unexpected merges, here is the perfect bar for you. It remarkably manages to bring old and French alcohols up to date, and the atmosphere is always welcoming. So go to the 10th arrondissement right now!

Two other suggestions


4. Tapas Bar/Planches: L’Atelier Saisonnier

top 10 bars in paris

Located in the 9th, this bar is renowned for its delightful “palettes”, made of charcuterie and French cheese. Moreover, all the products are local or bio, so that enjoying some French tapas won’t make you feel guilty anymore! And don’t miss the chance to create your own salad or taste their homemade dishes.

Two other suggestions

  • Chez Mil’a, a very welcoming tapas bar!
  • The Sourire, for sophisticated French tapas!


5. Dance Bar/Club : The Cavern Club

If you want to party and taste great cheap cocktails at the same time, go to this 6th arrondissement bar. There is also a room downstairs in which there are concerts and DJs during the week-end !

Two other suggestions

  • The Café Oz, the place to be for DJ and concert nights!
  • Bar III, the perfect mix of cocktail & tapas bars and night clubs!


6. Unusual Bar : The Ice Kube Bar

This 18th arrondissement hotel bar will freeze you: you will have to put a warm coat on to endeavour into this ice bar which will delight you with its vodka cocktails! That is an experience you really should try out!

Two other suggestions


7. Jazz Bar : Le Duc des Lombards

top 10 bars in paris

One of the most famous Paris jazz clubs, this bar is in the core of the 1st arrondissement, full of other jazz clubs which will dive you into a very pleasant musical atmosphere. Jazz artists often play there and when they do their “boeufs”, you certainly don’t want to miss that!

Two other suggestions


8. Beer Bar : La Fine Mousse

top 10 bars in parisLocated in the 11th, this bar is specialized in French and international handmade beers, and it sometimes organizes workshops to get acquainted with beer tasting. It is also a restaurant in which you will be taught how to match your beer with your meal!


Two other suggestions


9. Terrace Bar : Brasserie d’Auteuil

A rooftop terrace bar, this “brasserie” is decorated in a vegetal and relaxing style, and its cocktail bar will undoubtedly make you feel comfy ! Located in the 16th, its Italian food won’t leave you unpleased either!

Two other suggestions

  • Le Perchoir Marais, at the top of the BHV store, with a view on the Marais!
  • La Sardine, a colorful terrace bar with many good tapas to taste!


10. If you feel homesick: The Moose Bar

This sports bar ends our Top 10 bars in Paris. Fitted with many screens to enable you to follow your sport matches while having a drink, its Canadian food will also delight your palate, and the joyful atmosphere will bring you back to North America!

Two other suggestions


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Book one of our Paris vacation packages to fully discover the city within your time and budget constraints. The Paris weekend escape is aimed at people who already came to Paris and want to discover new things this time. Limit your trip to Paris cost., brunch spots in paris, student hostels in paris, Must try foods in Paris

Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris

Here is a Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris presenting all the best types of brunches you can find. First you will discover typical French brunch spots; then if you feel homesick (and if you are American) we selected the worthiest American brunches. Finally, if you are as curious as greedy, you will find a suggestion of uncommon and international brunch spots. They will appeal to your food lover palates for sure!

Typical French Brunch Spots

brunch spots in paris

1. Les Mauvais Garçons – 4th arrondissement –25 €

Here is a very Frenchy Brunch: consisting of baguette toasts, jams and viennoiseries but also salty pies you really have to taste! For salt amateurs as for those with a sweet tooth, it will undoubtedly suit everyone’s palate!

2. Liberté Ménilmontant – 20th arrondissement – 27 €

The famous pastry chef Benoît Castel will house you every week-end in his bakery/cake shop for a self-serve brunch buffet. The choice is huge there, from classic viennoiseries and cakes to vegetables, quiches and pizzas!

brunch spots in paris

Credits : Le Quai

3. Le Quai – 7th arrondissement – 35 €

Located on a floating terrace, this is the best place to chill and have a delicious brunch. Viennoiseries, toasts, fruits, pancakes as well as salmon, eggs, ham and cold meats… Could you even ask for more?


4. Café Français – 4th arrondissement – 30 €

This restaurant turns into a brunch place for the weekends, and it won’t disappoint you! It offers a very Frenchy Brunch with viennoiseries, ham, eggs, bacon or salmon, a salad and a choice of desserts… All this on its pleasant terrace if you want!

brunch spots in paris

Credits : l’Atlas

5. L’Atlas – 6th arrondissement – 27 €

Along with a delicious brunch made of French toasts and a very tasty ceasar salad among other delightful dishes, this place will also charm you because of its location in the very lively and pleasant street of Buci in Saint-Germain-des-Prés district!




Best American Brunch Spots

brunch spots in paris

Credits : Eggs&Co.

6. Eggs and Co – 6th arrondissement – 22 €

Our Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris continues with this American restaurant in which, as you probably understood, the egg is the shining star! You can eat it in various ways, so let your imagination go! The place is small but very cute and the massive pancakes are said to be delicious!

7. Marcel – 7th arrondissement – Variable price

This restaurant offers the typical American Brunch on weekends: with many different types of egg, pancakes and waffles, salads, avocado bagels and tasty deserts such as cheese cakes! How can you resist this?

brunch spots in paris

8. Holybelly – 10th arrondissement – Variable price

Create your own brunch among the huge choice offered in the menu: of course you will find granola, pancakes, eggs with various sides, homemade cakes and many different drinks! And there is a special dish every weekend…

9. Bob’s Bake Shop – 18th arrondissement – Variable price

Very famous and popular, this brunch spot offers a lot of bagels (with cream cheese, avocado, salmon, or even tomato…) but there are also irresistible desserts such as cheesecakes, fruits pies or cookies!

10. Breakfast in America – 4th arrondissement – 18 €brunch spots in paris

Here the menu is quite simple but made of various dishes: you have to pick one type of egg, one type of dessert and one drink. Also nicknamed the B.I.A, it is a famous meeting point for the Americans living here or those just having a good time in Paris!



International Brunch spots you shouldn’t miss

brunch spots in paris

Credits : Vino e Cucina

Vino e Cucina – 2th arrondissement – 35 €

Now let’s go to Italy! The brunch in this charming restaurant will delight you. For the sweet tastes: panettone, toasts, cakes, tiramisu, granola and others… And for the salty dishes: eggs, cold meat, mozzarella, vegetables and salads!


Kinugawa – 1st arrondissement – from 37 € to 45 €

If you are more into Japanese food, here is something to please you! This restaurant offers a Bento Brunch every Sunday, with miso soup, rice, salad, meat and sushis. Don’t hesitate to taste their deserts… This original Brunch must meet your Asian food expectations.

We hope our Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris helped you to make a choice… Or maybe you should try them all!


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