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versailles, gallery of coaches

The Gallery of Coaches

The Gallery of Coaches consists of two galleries which house a huge collection of rare and impressive pieces.

versailles, gallery of coachesSituated in the heart of the Great Stables,  this great royal construction used to house majestic coaches and carriages, along with sedan chairs sleds and travelling thrones, for a unique and magnificent collection which highlights once again the splendour of the court life.

Built by Mansart, it was really important during the Ancien Régime: the 1000 m2-gallery housed all the grand ceremonial coaches of the royal family.

Thanks to these pieces, you can look at the history of France through the vehicles that important people such as the King or Napoleon used during marriages, coronations, baptisms or funerals.

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The Grand Trianon

The Grand Trianon is the perfect summer gateway, the King’s private residence away from the main place.

Versailles Palace, versailles, the grand trianon

The Grand Trianon – Credit: ParisByM

It is a small palace that the King built to hide his love affairs with his mistresses. Made in marble and porphyry and inspired by Italian architecture, it was designed by Mansart and includes some beautiful gardens.

The balustrade, the flat roof and the orderly gardens, along with its flowerbeds and terraces, will give you the thrill of classical beauty.

It also contains a Mirror Room, a bedchamber, an open-air colonnade called Peristyle and the Malachite Room, that used to be Napoleon’s living room.


versailles, petit trianon

The Petit Trianon

The Petit Trianon is the place where the King could spend some relaxing time close to his French Gardens.

versailles, petit trianonIt is a neoclassical château in the middle of the gardens with Greek-style columns and windows. Very closed to the gardens, from there the King could easily reach the grounds and develop his interest for botany.

Like the other two buildings of the Estate of the Trianon, it was built in an attempt to gain brief respite from the royal court etiquette.

Recently restored, there you can find the way the King used to deal with his two passions: on the one hand, botany; in the other hand, his mistresses.


versailles, marie antoinette's estate

Marie Antoinette’s Estate

Within her domain, the Queen could spend some time with friends listening to music or playing parlour games.

It was the private domain of the Queen, where she used to go in order to escape the opulence of the court: there, she used to give parties and dinners.

It contains the Queeversailles, queens' hamletn’s Theatre, where private performances were held, and the Queen’s Hamlet, a complex of twelve thatched-roof buildings influenced by the rural architecture of Normandy, where the Queen used to host guests.

The complex also included a mill, a dairy and domestic animals, with English gardens, cottages and agricultural structures which will bring you back to ancient times and will let you experience the rural atmosphere that the Queen loved so much.


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The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles represents the royalty and the majesty of French Kings: it is maybe the most important palace of French history. The French King Louis XIV installed the royal court in Versailles to be protected from civil movements and continued to embellish the palace up until the Revolution.

Paris in 2 days, versailles 1/2 day with transportation, palace of versaillesThe State and the Private Apartments of the Palace of Versailles contain over 2,300 rooms: here you can find the famous Hall of Mirrors, a 250-feet long room with a great number of luxury mirrors reflecting the light of the sun from the 17 windows letting in the breathtaking view of the gardens; the War Room, where Louis XIV’s victories are depicted as political propaganda; the Peace Room, with cupids who play with discarded cannons and violins. The King’s Apartments, which consist of seven rooms and contain Italian-style decorations: from there, anyone could see the royal family on their way to the chapel.

The king’s private domain contains the important bedchamber, the symbolic room where the ‘getting up’ and the ‘going to bed’ ceremonies used to be held. Symmetrical to the king’s apartments, the Queen’s Apartments were built to house the queen’s bedchamber, where she used to spend most of her time.

The Royal Chapel is another important room, designed with a vaulted ceiling and dedicated to Saint Louis: Louis XIV used to go there every morning at 10:00 with is family. The Palace also contains a Royal Opera House, built during the reign of Louis XV, and the Museum of History of France, inaugurated in the 19th century.

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The Versailles Gardens

Outside the palace, you can find the Gardens, a range of elaborately planned and decorated grounds which show how the King used to ‘control’ everything, even nature.

Versailles Gardens, versailles, the versailles gardensThe Greco-Roman themes display the power of the King and the symmetry of the structure gives a sensation of incomparable beauty.

There are several elements which make these gardens unique: in the Orangery, Louis XIV used to grow orange trees to amaze his visitors; trees from all over the world; the Grand Canal, which divides the gardens into two parts. Then, you can also find beautiful fountains, such as the Latona Basin, a round fountain which tells the story of the birth of Apollo, and the Apollo Basin, where the sun god starts his journey, in his chariot, across the sky.

In spring and summertime, during the fountains shows called Les Jardins Musicaux and Les Grandes Eaux Musicales, you can have a relaxing walk while listening to some music and enjoying the fountain activity (for any additional information click here).

versailles, the musical gardens and the fountains show

The Musical Gardens and the Fountains Show

During spring and summer, you can enjoy some musical shows in the gardens, called Les Grandes Eaux Musicales and Les Jardins Musicaux.

versailles, the musical gardens and the fountains showThe musical show called “The Musical Waters” or “Grandes Eaux Musicales”, is a unique experience where you can wander at the sound of classical music while enjoying the fountains activity. Besides, the “Jardins Musicaux” offer the same kind of walk, with Baroque music, but without the fountains.

There, you will have the opportunity to feel the magnificent atmosphere of royal entertainment and, above all, you will enjoy yourself while relaxing. You can also enjoy the woods of Versailles, usually closed, which are open only for this occasion!

Opening times:

Les Grandes Eaux Musicales: on Saturdays and Sundays, from 1st April to 29th October; on Tuesdays, from 23rd May to 27th June / Special Dates: Friday, 14th April; Thursday, 25th May; Friday, 14th July and Tuesday, 15th August.

Les Jardins Musicaux: on Tuesdays from 4th April to 16th May, then on Tuesdays from 4th July to 31st October and on Fridays from 31st Mars to 27th October (except for the 14th July).


Day trip from Paris

Day trip from Paris

While spring is here, temperature is rising, weather is nice, flowers are abloom. It’s time to go out! Gather three or four friends and have an excursion outside of Paris sounds like a perfect plan. Only have free time during weekend? No problem, we have helped you select a few places that you can go within a few days!

1 Day Trip from Paris:

VersaillesDay trip from Paris

Want to enjoy the sunny weather in the garden of French kings? Versailles is only 45 mins away from the heart of Paris. During spring and summer, special shows will be performed inside the garden.

Day trip from Paris


Visit this royal house in spring will always surprise you. Stand on the same stairs which Napoleon Bonaparte bid farewell to his political reign. Spend some time in the garden surrounding by a forest and springs.

GivernyDay trip from Paris

Don’t miss out the best time in the year to visit Monet’s garden!
It will welcome you with an ocean of flowers and the beautiful pond full of impressionist water lilies.

Our Giverny guide is here.

Day trip from Paris

Champagne area

Have a few glasses of bubbly champagne with friends and take a stroll in famous vineyards. It will be the best day trip from Paris.

Day trip from Paris


Visiting the amazing scene of Mont saint Michael. See how tides cover the only road and leave it as a lonely island. Paris by M provides you a full itinerary for going to Normandy and we can also help you plan your trips: here

Day trip from Paris

Loire Valley

With the bus or the train, you can easily arrive at these beautiful historical sites within 2 hours.

Check out our previous post about Loire Valley here.

Strasbourg/ColmarDay trip from Paris

These Germany border cities absorbed the Germany influence in their architecture. As you walk into the town, you will feel as if you are entering a childhood fairytale village. It is simply picturesque.


2 days or more:
Day trip from Paris

Belgium (Bruge, Brussels)

With flixbus, you can arrive in Belgium about four hours. Have some Belgium waffles and fresh mussels will bring you a relax weekend.

Day trip from Paris


Bretagne (Brittany)

Lying in the northwest corner of France, is one of the great historic area of France.  Within 3 and half hours’ drive, you wil arrive at Bretagne’s reginal capital Rennes.


Day trip from ParisBordeaux

How about a wine trip accompanied by laughter and cheese? Come to the world’s most famous wine producing area.  Some famous wine producer like Château Lafite-Rothschid, Château Margaux, Château Haut-Brion are located here.

Day trip from Paris

Portugal (Lisbon)

The lovely weather, amazing sea food, sunny beaches sound like a perfect get away weekend! Oh, and don’t forget the famous Portugal egg tart from Pasteis de Belem.

Day trip from Paris

French Riverine (Nice, Monaco)

The second smallest country in the world will probably bring you the most unforgettable experience. You just need to enjoy the day trip from Paris.

Italy (Milan)Day trip from Paris

Here we are, the fashion capital! My suggestion for transportation is taking the airplane. Even if you book it one day before, the price will always surprise you in a good way.

Day trip from ParisSpain (Barcelona)

If you only have a limited of time, you surely can visit Barcelona just for a weekend. Taste the amazing Spanish paella with a bottle of sangria, lying on the beach and enjoying the sunshine.

Mont St. Michel

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