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Best area to stay in Paris

In Paris, this big city, there are in total 20 districts. All the monuments scatter around in different arrondissements and knowing where is the best area to stay in Paris will be the key to a comfortable, relaxing trip.

Imaging the delight and easiness when you find out that all the monuments, museums you want to go are just right around the corner or all within walking distance; coming back from a bar without calling an Uber or catching the last metro; waking up in the morning surrounding by the best view of the city. If that is the kind of trip you are looking for, this article will be your soulmate.

Paris’s districts, as in all the other big cities, have their own “function”.  Bastille, known as The Place to go for young people; the first arrondissement, the gather place for celebrities and famous monuments such as Louvre and Palais-Royal; Le Marais, the only place opens on Sunday in Parisians’ minds and the hub for modern artists and cute stores… Not mentioning the Champs-Elysées or the shopping heaven Galeries Lafayette. 

We selected three best areas to stay in Paris upon your interests.

For museum lovers, and first-timers in Paris

Best area to stay in Paris

Staying as close as possible to prestigious museums or famous monuments will be your first choice. If so, le Marais and Saint Michel can be a good option. Surrounding the area, you can find the modern art museum, Le Centre Pompidou; Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame de Paris, the glamorous Sainte Chapelle; take a stroll and you can easily get to The Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Enjoy Claude Monet’s Water Lilies in Museum de l’Orangerie.

It is worth mentioning that both Saint Michel and Le Marais are equipped with convenient public transportation that can easily take you anywhere; including getting to the city from the airport.

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For all the trendy shopaholics in the world

Best area to stay in Paris

Lodging near St-Germain or Avenue Montaigne will be your best choice to stay in Paris. Countless of fashion designer brands open their flagship stores here: Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu…. Many of other trendy brands are dying to have their own space near these two areas. You can also find some less-known, chic design stores or vintage stores there. After a long day of shopping, you can also sit down in a designer’s café, order a cup of espresso, have a few snacks for a short break. Also, a lot of popular restaurants such as L’avenue, Shang Palace and Kodawari gather around these areas. By the avenue Montaigne, you can easily walk to the busy street Champs-Elysée, climb up the Arc the Triumph to have a full view of Paris and see the sparkling Eiffel Tower. If you love fashion, these two are definitely the best places to live in Paris.

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For college students

Best area to stay in Paris Bastille will open up its world to you after the sun goes down.

As known for its nightlife, Bastille has a lot of secret bars that hidden in the alleyway. For example, Lavomatic, a secret loft bar hidden behind a laundry frontside. If you pass by this “bar” during the day, you can only see a few washing machines. However, during the night, if you find the secret door, il will lead you to a different world. There are many more interesting bars like this one waiting for you to dig in. If you are a young college student, Bastille is definitely the best area for you to stay in Paris.


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