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Giverny, House of Claude Monet


Located North-West from Paris, Giverny was home of the founder of the  impressionism movement, Claude Monet.


Claude Monet (Wikimedia commons)Claude Monet was born in Paris in 1840. He started to paint his first pieces at the age of 20 in the realism style. It was in the 1860’s when he first started to paint his first impressionism artworks.

After a few years, he moved to Giverny, where he painted one of his most famous masterpieces: Jardin à Sainte-Adresse (The Terrace of Sainte-Adresse). The painting, composed by a garden and a beautiful sea landscape, was painted from his house in the Sainte-Adresse street.

Monet’s son gave the house to the French Academy of Fine Arts in 1966. It became a museum and it is now opened to visitors. Today, it welcomes more than half a million of visitors per year. Inside the house you can to see the same rooms and pieces of furniture that Monet used. Nothing has changed since he died in 1926.

Water Lilies (WIkimedia Commons)The garden is famous for being the place where Monet got inspiration to paint most of his famous masterpieces, especially the Water Lilies collection. The place is known indeed to have a special light. Nowadays, the house is still a place of inspiration for many artists, who come to Giverny to get the same inspiration that Monet had in there, more or less successfully.

In the village of Giverny, you will find the Museum of Impressionism, with a permanent exhibition dedicated to this art movement, and temporary ones to present both French  and foreign artists linked to it, like Caillebotte or Sorolla. The museum also has two sections dedicated to the ages of pre-impressionism and post-impressionism, allowing you to have a review of the causes and consequences of the movement.


Monet's house garden (Wikimedia commons)You can easily access Giverny from Paris for a half day or full day trip. If you are on a tight schedule, we recommend you should go on a half day trip in a small group, but if you have more time, a full day in Giverny is worth the trip. You can easily take a train from Paris, get off at the Gare de Vernon and then take the shuttle to Giverny. The journey in train is about 45 / 50 minutes.

If you are planning a visit to Normandy and are going by car, you might consider stopping at Giverny on the way.