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Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

As one of the most famous monuments of Paris, you must have heard about the Arc de Triomphe. But did you know that you can climb up to its roof 50 meters above the ground? Ordered by Napoleon, the Arc was built to commemorate his army, known as “Grande Armée”, and it’s one of the highest triumphal arches in the world.

Paris in the Rain, Paris, Arc de Triomph

Credit: ParisbyM


When visiting the Arc de Triomphe, you will have an amazing view over Paris from the top of it, including a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The arch was commissioned as a commemorative monument for the soldiers who died in the Napoleonic Wars. You can see the names of the French generals who fought during these wars engraved on the monument, along with the names of famous French victories.

It later became a patriotic icon after the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was installed under it. This tomb and the inscriptions commemorate the unknown soldiers who lost their lives fighting for France in World War I.

Arc de Triomphe

Credit: ParisByM


The Arc de Triomphe is located in the 8th district of Paris, along the Champs Elysées Avenue, in the middle of the Charles de Gaulle Square.

Consider budgeting approximately 1 hour to climb the arch and visit it.

We recommend that you go either on a sunny day to enjoy the view over the city and take great pictures, or, if the weather isn´t that good, to go in the evening after the night has fallen in order to enjoy the lights of the city (especially beautiful in winter time).

Another interesting option is to go between 6-6:30pm when you will be able to attend the ceremony of the Revival of the Eternal Flame of the Unknown Soldier, which takes place everyday at this time.

For the history buff, guided tours of the Arc are also available.

In any case you should never cross the square at ground level. To reach the Arc de Triomphe you must use the tunnel access, whose entries are located on the Avenue des Champs Elysées (by the metro entrance, right side when facing the Arc), or on the Avenue de la Grande Armée (on the left side when facing the Arc).


  • Hours: From April 1 to September 30: 10 a.m.-11 p.m.
    From October 1 to March 31: 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
  • Price: 8 €, students less than 26 pay 5 € while it is free for children up to 17
  • Access: RER: line A, station “Charles de Gaulle-Etoile”
    Metro: lines 1, 2 and 6, station “Charles de Gaulle-Etoile”


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Paris Bus Tour

City Bus Tour

Only in Paris for a few days? Then a bus tour around Paris is a great, effortless option to see a lot in no time at all. More than 10 different languages are spoken on board and you will have the opportunity to get pictures of famous landmarks and monuments during this unforgettable visit of the City of Lights!

Paris Eiffel tower, Paris Bus Tour, City Bus TourWHAT WILL YOU SEE?

All of the city! You will be able to have a quick tour around the most important buildings and monuments in Paris: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Montmartre neighborhood, and so much more.
Thanks to headphones you are provided with, bus tours provide you with all of fun facts about these places while you are passing by each one.


Several companies operate in this activity. While the cheapest ones might obviously be of lower quality, the 2 or 3 most commonly used are pretty much equivalent in terms of quality and prices.

The main difference is that some companies offer various circuits, which allow you to switch from one loop to another and back, depending on the time you have available and on your interest for discovering less touristy neighbourhoods.

Another difference is about the top deck, which can be fully covered with some companies and not with others… Watch out on those rainy days! Lastly, the audio comments are really fascinating with some companies, while they are just interesting with others…

Looking for a Tour Company in Paris?If you are in a hurry, you should consider doing the standard bus tour without stopping which takes approximately 2 hours. But if you have more time, we recommend the Hop On/Off option. You can take the bus at more than 50 bus stations in Paris. When entering the bus, the driver will check your bus pass. Once on board you will be able to admire the most important sights of Paris. Once you are on, you can “hop off” the bus whenever you like.

Last but not least: if you want to do all of the loops and check every single neighbourhood of Paris, you have the option to get a ticket valid for 2 or 3 days.

Check out more information here!


  • Hours: Every 10 to 30 minutes from 9 am until late in the evening (depends on company)
  • Prices: Depends on the company, from 20€ up to 60€, with discounted prices for children


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seine, river, cruise, rive gauche area paris, best things to do in Paris at night

Seine River Cruise

While visiting Paris do not miss a Seine River Cruise! Relax on board, admire the City of Lights from a new angle with the Discovery Cruise, or taste French gastronomy on a lunch or dinner cruise in Paris!


Seine river cruise, eiffel tower

Photo credit: ParisByM

You will be able to see Paris from a different point of view. Since most of famous monuments in Paris are located by the Seine River, don’t miss the opportunity to relax on board while contemplating Paris’ beautiful landscapes.

Among other famous places, your Seine river cruise will allow you to see the Eiffel Tower, the magnificent bridge Alexandre III, the Notre-Dame cathedral, and the square of La Concorde.


Several companies operate on the Seine and the embarking point will depend on which company you take. However the main embarking points to begin your Seine river cruise are at the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame Cathedral. The cruise will always come back to your starting point.

The Discovery Cruise takes around 1 hour, but a lunch or dinner cruise will be longer. For example, it will take up to 2h30 for dinner on board.

Dinner cruises in Paris, Seine river cruiseDuring the Discovery Cruise, information about the monuments you pass by will be given either through a speakerphone in various languages, or through personal headphones that you will be provided with (you can select your language).

Although it’s more expensive than the lunch, a dinner cruise is a great experience we highly recommend. Depending on the period of the year when you are in Paris, you might be able to admire the Paris sunset and the lighting up of the monuments as you enjoy a your Parisian meal.

Seine river cruises are available in most of our packages.

View Packages


  • Hours: Everyday, from approximately 10 am until late at night.
  • Prices: Depends on the company: from 13€ per person for a discovery cruise up to 400€ per person for dinner with VIP experience.

Want to see more?


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paris in the rain

Things to do in Paris in the Rain

Although Paris is a beautiful city the weather can be a little unpredictable. Rainstorms, or les orages, are a common occurrence here in the City of Lights. Don’t worry, with your umbrella and this hand list of things to in Paris in the rain, you will see that not even thunderstorms can rain on your perfect day in Paris.

1. Shopping

Paris in the rain

Credit: ParisByM

Everyone knows that Paris is a center of fashion and shopping, which is always an option on those rainy days. The Champs Élysées is famous for its high class shopping areas, sporting stores like Chloé, Dior, Prada, and so much more. However things can tend to be a little more expensive unless you go to less pricy stores like H&M and Zara.

If you are interested in all inclusive tours of the Champs Élysées check out our website.

Paris in the Rain

Credit: ParisByM

Remember, this is a very touristy location and it is notorious for having pickpockets, so be sure to keep a careful watch on your things.
If you are looking to have a less touristy, less expensive, and classically “French” shopping trip in Paris, we highly recommend visiting the famous Passages Couverts. These inside markets are chalk full of antique shops, little French boutiques, and gorgeous cafes to drink an espresso or café au lait. If you are interested in the Passages Couverts, you can read more about them here.

2.  See a Show

Paris in the Rain

Credit: Moulin Rouge

Paris is chalk full of intense and wonderful Cabaret shows like The Moulin Rouge, The Lido, The Crazy Horse, and many others. These places are the perfect place to take refuge when it’s raining in Paris, especially as they have afternoon performances. While expensive, these shows are a spectacle that you will not forget before long.

Paris in the Rain

Credit: Lido Website

 If you want to learn more about the shows that are available in Paris check out our post: The Best Cabaret Shows in Paris. You can book your tickets right on our website.

Paris also has a plethora of cinemas full of foreign, American, and domestic films. Most of the movies are in VOST (Original version with subtitles in French), be sure to select these ones and not the VF ones (version dubbed in French).

For theater lovers, you can even attend a live performance of a play in French with English surtitles. But be sure to book your tickets in advance as the plays that benefit from this technology are not very numerous and are usually fully booked at least a week in advance. More information here.

3.  Go to a Museum

Musée Grévin Paris museum GrevinParis is filled with museums of every variety so you simply have to pick the one that peaks your interest. Whether it’s the Louvre, the Musée D’Orsay, Musée Rodin or any of the others that are sprinkled across Paris, you will be sure to think of you day spent as a day not wasted. If you need some ideas of museums to visit in Paris, check out our post all about museums. Post.

4.  Go to the Aquarium

Paris in the Rain

Credit: Paris Aquarium’s Website

The Paris Aquarium, located at Trocadéro, is a great place to spend any day, even if it isn’t raining. More active than art museums and perfect if you have children, the Paris Aquarium is the perfect place to spend your time, get out of the rain, and learn something new. The Paris Aquarium has many theatrical performances, films, workshops, and expositions for people of all ages, so this hidden gem is definitely a worthwhile trip.

5.  Treat yourself to a spa

If you are looking to treat yourself in Paris in the rain, Shagri-la Spa in Paris and the Peninsula Hotel and Spa are two of the most highly recommended spas in Paris (but not the only ones). With their beautiful indoor facilities and luxurious spa treatments, you’ll wish every day was rainy.

credit: Shangri-La Spa Website

credit: Shangri-La Spa Website



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Paris Day Trips, french castles, Loire Valley castles

Transportation Options for Paris Day Trips

Want to travel outside of Paris and see more of France? There are a couple options for whether you’re going to Giverny, the Loire Valley, Versailles, or many more.

First, we’ll break down the general options you have to travel outside of Paris.

Then, we’ll tell you the best way to get to common destinations in France.

Transportation Options for Paris Day Trips

1. Coach Bus

Paris Day Trips

You may decide to take a coach bus with around 50 other people. This option is usually the best for your budget. You can find tickets from as cheap of 20 euros depending on your destination. There are many companies that offer budget buses such as MegaBus, Flixbus, Eurolines, and more.

Keep in mind that while the bus is cheaper it usually takes longer!

If your interested in seeing if you can take a bus to your destination from Paris, we recommend that you look at GoEuro‘s website as they compare bus, train, and flight prices.

2. Train

The train system operated by SNCF is pretty good. For example, it can get you to Nice if you want to visit southern France or most other major cities. You can check out the official website here.

You may also want to check out, which also sells train tickets. They also have a  MAP of the rail network in France.

There are different types of trains in France including the high speed TGV and regional trains.

The cost will depend on the type of train you take, when you are going, and your destination.

Paris Day Trips


3. Touristic Coach Excursions

These buses will take tourists from Paris to common destinations such as the Loire Valley and then drive them back. This option usually comes as package that includes the official guide and sometimes lunch. These will cost you upwards of 150 euros per person per day. This can be a great way to see some of the Loire Valley castles!

4. Private Driver

You can hire a private driver too if you would like. This is a great way to ensure a hassle-free trip to your destination, however it will be slightly more pricey. A private driver will run you around 700 euros per day, but if you are traveling with several other individuals it may be worth it! (A touristic coach excursion for four people is already at least 600 euros).

5. Car Rental

If you feel comfortable you could also rent a car to take around the French countryside. This is a great way to be flexible on your vacation if you want to switch up your plans later.

This is only a good option if you feel comfortable driving out of Paris and on the right side of the road (as opposed to the left in the UK). Also keep in mind that most rental companies do not allow you to cross the borders with their cars.

Common Paris Day Trips – Best Transportation Options

1. Versailles

The best way to get to Versailles is to take the train. You can take the fast regional RER C to get there. The round trip cost is 4.10 € per person one way.

Paris Day Trips



2. Giverny

Paris Day Trips

To see Monet’s beautiful gardens you have several options:

  • You can take a SNCF intercity train and walk a bit
  • You could hire a private driver
  • Or even a touristic coach excursion.

The train will be the cheapest option for you. You could check prices on Trainline’s website.

Excursions to Giverny are also included in ParisByM packages.

3. Disneyland

Paris Day Trips

To reach Disneyland Paris you best option is to take the RER A (fast regional train). Take this red line in direction of Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy. Get off at this last station. One way ticket costs 7.60 € per person.

4. Loire Valley

Paris Day Trips

The Loire Valley has some of the best chateaux (castles!) and some great wine tasting. If you want to check out the Loire Valley on a Paris Day Trip we recommend that you either hire a private driver OR you take a touristic coach excursion.

We have some excellent packages already put together for you!

Loire Valley Castles 2 Day Tour

Loire Valley Castles Paris Day Trip

Loire Valley Castles and Wine Tasting

5. Normandy

Paris Day Trips

Normandy is great to visit, especially if you’re a history buff! By far the easiest way to get to Normandy for your Paris day trip is to either:

  • hire a private driver
  •  take a touristic coach excursion
  • OR rent a car and drive.


6. French Riviera

The French Riviera and the Côte d’Azur can be popular destinations as well. You can reach these fastest by train or flight and that’s probably best if you are spending a few days.

You could also hire a private driver and see more of the countryside and take time to stop in some of the French provincial towns.

Paris Day Trips


If you want to travel to some other capitals of different European countries you should consider train or flights.

Did you know you can reach London from Paris super easily with the EuroStar train?

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