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Hotel Banke

Hotel Banke, paris

Photo Credit: Hotel Banke

Located in a cultural heart of Paris, the Hotel Banke is just steps off of the esteemed Haussmann Boulevard in the Opera neighborhood. Working its way up from a four-star hotel to five-star hotel in September of 2014.  The Hotel Banke now holds the prestigious five-star rating in Paris.

The renovation from bank to hotel has given the Hotel Banke a unique atmosphere and look. When you first arrive the hotel’s history is written in stone, quite literally. There are still remnants of the hotels banking past on the exterior of the building. Stepping further into the hotel enhances and welcomes you into the exotic world of the Banke Hotel.

Hotel Banke, paris

Photo Credit: Hotel Banke

Drawing upon Asian inspired interior design, the Hotel Banke  has put a modern twist on the accent design concepts. While the interior is bathed in luxury, as many hotels in Paris are, there is a feeling of comfort and ease that allows you to enjoy the Josefin restaurant. At the Josefin restaurant (accessible for both clients of the hotel and non clients of the hotel for both lunch and dinner) Chef Romain Roland has created a wondrous Mediterranean menu, available on week days and only for lunch, price from 39€ for 2 courses or 45€ for 3 courses.

If you’re not looking for a full meal definitely head over to the Lolabar. The Lolabar boast a selection of over 100 gin and tonics, signature drinks, and tapas from 7€ .

Hotel Banke, paris

Photo Credit: Hotel Banke

When booking your stay at  Hotel Banke you have the options of five different room styles to choose from: the Single to suite, prices ranging from 210€ – 450€ on average. Each room is equipped with free Wi-Fi (also available in all of the areas of the hotel), Bluetooth connectivity, a LCD flat screen television, and even a Nespresso machine in some rooms. The  Hotel Banke also has a wellness area including fitness, hamam and sauna.

Hotel Banke, paris

Photo Credit: Hotel Banke

Hotel Banke also boasts its ability to host gatherings and meetings. The Salon Eiffel can hold up to 50 people and the Salon La Fayette has the ability to hold up to 75 people, and connected together, all of the -1 level rooms can accommodate up to 185 people in cocktail style. These rooms are great for hosting gatherings, meetings, or small parties.

The  Hotel Banke is definitely the place to stay if you want to be close to the Galeries Lafayette for shopping or if you are a couple looking for a romantic stay in central Paris.  Hotel Bankes welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere will give you a time in Paris you won’t soon forget.

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Central Paris Hotel, Edouard 7 - 3 places to stay in Paris

Edouard 7, A Central Paris Hotel


Central Paris Hotel , Edouard 7

Edouard 7 Lobby Photo Credit: ParisByM

Emulating luxury and history throughout the later half of the 19th century, the Hotel Edouard 7 continues this rich tradition that the Prince of Wales has set. Named after the black sheep of Queen Victoria’s children, Albert Edward (ruling under the name of Edward VII during his rein of the British Monarchy) fell in love with Paris, even making this central Paris hotel his place of residence while in the city. With a defying persona of sophistication and an eye for fashion, Edward commanded the streets of Paris with great seduction. Hotel Edouard 7 portrays this persona of audacity, seduction, character, and theatricality throughout the hotel today. After a great deal of renovation the standard has been set high for the hotel, setting the stage for a unique guest experience. Stepping into the hotel you are instantly transported into a modern twist on the Victorian Era. The prestigious hotel is located centrally on the 39 avenue de l’Opéra, in the second section of Paris.


Central Paris Hotel , Edouard 7

Standard Room Photo Credit: ParisByM

Bathed in a luxuriously intimate feel, each room is designed to utilize natural light and the view of central Paris. Decorated in blacks, purples, and reds the color scheme aligns with the Victorian Era set out by the hotels namesake. With sleek furniture, natural woods, and Victorian inspired wallpaper all bathed in natural light, each room truly embodies the essence of Edouard.   Each suit, whether it is a junior or a full suit, has a balcony that gives a spectacular view of the Opéra Garnier, Sacré Coeur/Montmartre, or the Louvre. These suits are equipped with the latest technology such as, televisions, iPod stations, and Nespresso machines.

Central Paris Hotel , Edouard 7

Suit Photo Credit: ParisByM

Rooms all have access to complementary Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and heat. Rooms are in four different categories and range in price from 280€ to 770€ per night.


Central Paris Hotel , Edouard 7

La Cuisine de l’E7 Photo Credit: ParisByM

Central Paris Hotel , Edouard 7

Photo Credit: ParisByM

Keeping in the continuous theme of this central Paris hotel, the restaurant La Cuisine de l’E7 utilizes the modern Victorian décor that runs throughout the hotel adding to the feel of luxury. La Cuisine de l’E7 also follows the theme of comfort that embodies the hotel, strategically designed to give the feel of your own kitchen. La Cuisine de l’E7 is open for lunch, Monday – Friday, noon to 2 pm, and for supper, Monday – Friday, 7 pm to 10 pm, lunch starts at 39€, dinner at 49€. The menu is made up of only fresh, local produce. Executive Chef Rémy Fourmeaux creates inventive and subtle cuisine for each diner. Each week the menu reflects dishes from the country of the month. Rémy Fourmeaux also creates menus to highlight different cuisine from different countries. Countries that have been highlighted, thus far, include: Japan, Italy, Morocco Brazil, China, Sweden, and Spain. The E7 bar is a prime meeting place for tailored made drinks, designed to awaken the senses. Open Monday – Friday 11 am to 12 pm, and weekends 11 am – 11 pm.

Meeting Rooms

Hotel Edouard 7 is home to two meeting rooms, Salon Marigny and Salon Mogador. The Salon Marigny hold up to 60 people and the Salon Magador can hold up to 45 people.

How to Get to Edouard 7

Central Paris Hotel, Edouard 7

Photo Credit: Google Maps

This central Paris hotel is perfectly located between the Opéra and the Louvre, a seven minute walk in either direction.  While the avenue is busy, the double pained windows prevents the noise from breaking the atmosphere of the Edouard 7.


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