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Paris Nightlife

Signature Bar by Grant’s

If you are interested in Paris nightlife, but looking for something other than discotheques and nightclubs, than Signature Bar by Grant’s is the place for you. With its stylish decor and casual feel, Signature Bar by Grant’s creates a perfect balance between fan and fancy.

The Ambiance

signature bar by grant's

photo credit: Signature Bar by Grant’s

The entry way is large and reminiscent of the days when horse-drawn carriages were the primary mode of transportation. As soon as you enter the building, you walk into a large room, decorated like a classic French garden.

The sheer size of the venue is not evident before entry, but in fact it included two floors, multiple different rooms, terraces, and even an area for live music.

This central “French garden” room is open to smokers, yet didn’t feel suffocating like usual French “smoking rooms”, due to the fact that there was no ceiling, much like an atrium.

credit: Paris By M

credit: Paris By M

The Decor

When we arrived on the day of the opening the decor was extremely stylish, with 5 artistic themes that were place in various rooms throughout the building. These themes included “On the Road” which was illustrated by the motorcycles, side cars, and even workers placed around to take the customers pictures.

Another theme that was evident in Signature Bar by Grant’s was called “L S’tnarg”, and was represented by the tables and chairs that were glued to the ceiling. It was as if you could have walked up the walls and sat upside-down, they were so casually assembled.

The Location

credit: Google Maps

credit: Google Maps

Upon entering Signature Bar by Grant’s in Paris, it is clear why it was necessary for us to make a reservation ahead of time. This place is definitely one cool bar to visit in Paris.

Located not far from the Gare-du-Nord, at 159 Quai de Valmy 75010 Paris. It’s right next to the Seine River, making it easy to get to using public transportation.

After arriving at 8 p.m. , the bar and building was already filled with people looking to enjoy the live music and sublime ambiance.

Things to Keep in Mind

Signature Bar by Grant's

credit: Paris by M

  •  The lines to go upstairs, however, were extremely long and to avoid exceeding maximum capacity on the balconies. So get there early before the crowds start rolling in.
  • The security was very affective, but there was no evident place to check your jacket or coat. If you have one, be sure to keep it with you, as pickpockets are everywhere in Paris.
  • There is a cover fee, and reservations are sometimes required. Be sure to call ahead of time to make sure, it would be a shame to be turned away from this awesome bar.




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