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Spotlight: Lucy’s Paris Tours

Planning a trip to Paris is exciting, but at times can become overwhelming. Questions arise such as, which airline is cheapest? Should I buy a Museum Pass? Which tour should I take? To make your trip planning easier, we have selected to spotlight Lucy, a tour guide in Paris who is changing up the tour scene. Read on for more information.

Lucy is a tour guide as well as a professional photographer in Paris who has created a new way to tour the city: through the lens of your camera! Aside from giving you a tour, Lucy will teach you comprehensive ways to use your camera to take the best pictures possible of all of the beautiful architecture and monuments Paris has to offer.

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Credit: Lucy Winklemann

Having started out studying art history and photography, Lucy added tour guide to her repertoire when she began giving children and teens tours of the city. She then moved on to guiding tours through museums such as the Musée des Arts décoratifs as well as the Picasso museum and then began giving photo tours of Paris.

We asked Lucy, “What made you choose this job?” She told us, “The passion and excitement of being directly in touch with people and the transmission of knowledge through art and culture. I like to be able to exchange with people and to work in beautiful, exciting places.” She certainly enjoys being a tour guide!

Credit: Lucy Winklemann

Credit: Lucy Winklemann

Lucy offers a wide selection of unique and interesting tours around Paris. For example, she offers a tour of “Lutetia” in Paris which focuses on the remains of the first settlements in Paris. Another tour she offers focuses on the modern architecture found in the La Défense area of Paris. One of her most favorite tours that she offers is the Paris Street Art tour. This tour takes visitors to lesser-known areas of Paris to see some of the cities coolest and most incredible street art.

As of right now, Lucy focuses mostly on photography-based tours, but she is interested in hearing clients requests! For this reason, she prefers small-group tours so that she can customize a tour of Paris based on your specific requests and desires. If you would like a tour around some of the best gastronomic locations in Paris, she is willing to prepare something for you and your group.

Lucy’s Paris tours are unique and informative — if you would like to see Paris from a different perspective or go on a tour that takes you on an adventure through Paris, choose Lucy.

The price of each tour varies based on the amount of time the tour will take and the number of people in your tour group. You can find a comprehensive list of prices on her website.


Choosing to tour Paris with Lucy Winklemann will allow you to see Paris like never before!

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