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European River Cruises: Top 5 Rivers

Why Choose River Cruises?

River cruise sunset, european river cruisesEurope in its entirety consists of so many cultures, languages and cuisines that it becomes difficult for anyone to decide where to travel first. Every country within Europe has so much to offer that choosing one city or country is usually not enough. If your goal is to travel to as many cities within a short period of time, many people think about the option of backpacking. Although backpacking is a great way to explore new cities while being cost-efficient, if you are willing to spend a little bit more money, there is another way you can reach the same goal without the stress of organizing all the flights and buses and hotels through European river cruises.

Since many rivers in Europe share multiple countries, European river cruises make travelling to several cities in different countries within a few days surprisingly easy and manageable. Suddenly, planning a trip to visit Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands is no longer time consuming and stressful. Your accommodation is taken care of throughout your entire trip and all you do is book the flights from the start and end destinations.

Picking the Right River Cruise

In order to find the best river cruise for you, you first need to decide on what the purpose of your trip is. Based on where you want to go and for how long, many companies, such as Viking River Cruises and CroisiEurope, have a system in place where you give them all your specifications and they will find the perfect cruise for you.

River Cruise Suggestions

So what are the best rivers to travel to in Europe? The most popular European river cruises tend to be, not surprisingly, on the most famous rivers throughout Europe.

Seine River Cruise

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Seine River Cruise

The Seine is one of the most popular rivers in Europe, mainly due to its connection to Paris. This river flows from Burgundy, the northeastern region of France, passing through Paris, and connecting to other important rivers, such as the Loire. On the Seine, you can not only observe the beautiful city of Paris but also enjoy all the sites it has to offer. What many people don’t realize besides all the touristic sites is the beauty of the suburbs right outside of Paris. Most of the cruises also offer a wide range of activities to engage in the culture of the country, such as wine and cheese tastings and French music concerts.

Danube River Cruise

Danube River, Budapest, european river cruises

Credits: Jerome Strauss

Being the largest river in Europe, the Danube river offers an easy way to explore multiple cities in several countries, as it borders or flows through 10 countries. With cruises up to 3 weeks long, the Danube river cruises allow people to explore the architecture, museums, churches and countryside scenery around eastern Europe, while enjoying the cuisine from all the cities you pass by. You will not only have enough time to explore each city you dock at but also learn about the culture behind each city with the available activities onboard the cruise.

Rhine River Cruise

Rhine River, Germany, european river cruises

Credits: Polybert49

The Rhine river flows from Switzerland to the Netherlands and the North Sea. Unlike other rivers, the ancient castles and vineyards are key features of the Rhine river landscape. Known for their historical significance and urban legends, the Rhine river scenery has numerous stories to tell. The scenery is so impressive that parts of the Rhine River region were designated the title of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This river is also the connection between northern and southern Europe and has served as an important method of trading between countries since Roman times.

Elbe River Cruise

Dresden, Germany, european river cruises

Credits: Roger W

Important to Germany’s commercial industry, the Elbe river has been historically known to play a vital role in trade within Europe. The river begins its path within the mountains in Czech Republic and flows all the way to Germany. With its historical significance, there are a lot of sites to see along the river, including cities, such as Dresden, Worlitz, and Wittenberg, which are smaller but have much more to show. Every city is distinguished, as they all have something different to show, from castles and gardens to cathedrals and porcelain.

Loire River Cruise

Loire Valley, France, european river cruises

Loire Valley, France

Being the longest river in France, the Loire passes through many cities, allowing you to see the differences in culture throughout the country. Most of the river cruises on the Loire river are usually on cruise barges, which means that the food and wine served on board is freshly picked from city to city. You will be able to try a great deal of the local tastes in France.

Regardless of which river cruise you pick, the food and drink will always be part of the cultural experience. Especially in Europe, where beer, wine and food play such a big role in their culture and society, you do not need to worry about the cuisine. The difficult part is choosing the right river cruise for you, because the list of places to visit is endless.

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Hotel Opera Paris

Hotels in Opera neighbourhood

Looking for a hotel in Opera Paris area?  You’re right it is a perfect area for staying in Paris, very central, with many connections and a lot of tasteful restaurants. Here’s a selection of excellent hotels we recommend in this quarter.

Richmond Opera Hotel – from 120€


hotel opera Paris


As a 3 stars establishment we would like to suggest the Richmond Opera Hotel, its an ideal location either for leisure or business.  Located a one minute walk from boulevard Haussmann and the Grands boulevards.

Why book at Richmond Opera Hotel?

The building is completely designed in an empire style which bring you back in time, creating a special relaxing experience. With their rooms in Louis XV style and especially quiet, you will discover the convenience of sleeping in the center of Paris while being apparently in your own nest. Price range from 120 € to 250 €.

Hotel Saint Petersbourg Opera – from 120€


hotel opera Paris

Credits: Hôtel Saint Petersbourg website

The Saint-Petersbourg Hotel Opera Paris is located in the very heart of Paris a 5 minute-walk Opéra Garnier, the Printemps and Galeries Lafayette stores.

Why book at Saint Petersbourg hotel Opera Paris ?

The hotel received its name from the Russian ballerinas performing at Opera Garnier who often stayed here.  This elegant 3-star hotel with its art deco entrance, big lounge and reception area gives you the base for your Parisian stay. The rooms are each decorated differently and gives you the chance to choose your preferred style. This hotel has everything you are looking for and for an usually rather expensive area it has low rates, with a price range from 120 € to 230 €.

Indigo Hotel Opera Paris – from 200€


hotel opera parisHotel Indigo is part of InterContinental Hotels Groups which opened its first hotel in Atlanta.  Now reaching around the world in Paris, New York, London, Shanghai, Honk Kong, and Singapore they have an international high customer satisfaction. Hotel Indigo Opera Paris is located next to Place de l’Opèra in 2 Rue Édouard VII, a 3 minute-walk to the Madeleine metro station. The buildings design recalls the neighborhood’s style, with an elegant décor using mirrors inspired by the Opera.

hotel opera paris

Why book at hotel Indigo Paris?

Hotel Indigo next to the Opera has 12 suites and duplex apartments, some with private balconies that offer magnificent views of the city and the Eiffel Tower. Being part of a big hotels group they boast a consolidated way of work and most of their customers have returned to this hotel after their first stay. At Hotel Indigo you will even find a peaceful heated terrace restaurant where you can enjoy a homemade French cuisine or just drink a tea in the afternoon. The price range is from 200 € to 550 €.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome – from 800€


hotel opera Paris

credits: Jacquelyn

Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme is a luxury 5-star hotel next to Place Vendôme on rue de la Paix within walking distance of Opera Garnier. Part of Palace Hotels Group the Park Hyatt is one the most prestigious hotels in Paris. It has a contemporary architecture and soft design by designer Ed Tuttle.

Why book at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome?

The palace has 153 rooms including 43 suites. The core element of this high luxury hotel are the suites.  There are 9 different types, each themed differently for all your needs : there is the Park suite king, Park suite twin, Park executive suite, Diplomatic suite, Residence suite, Ambassador suite, Vendôme suite, Imperial suite and the last top one Presidential Suite (210-square-metre apartment-style). The hotel even boasts some of the finest restaurants in Paris, Pur’ – Jean-François Rouquette, Les Orchidées, La Terrasse. Furthermore into the building you will find a 250 m2 spa to relax after a tiring day.

Price range from 800 € to 9950 €. As mentioned the Opera area is one of most luxurious in Paris and Park Hyatt Paris Vendome has a hotel structured around exceeding expectations. If price is not an issue Hotel Opera Paris will be a solution leaving you without regrets.

Why choosing this quarter?

The Opera area is included in the 9th district of Paris. It is a very central location to explore the city. It bears the name of the Paris Opera Theater the primary opera company of France. Furthermore in the area there are particular covered passageways built in the 19th century which in many cases have been transforming in shopping mall such as Printemps. Very close to Opera there is the famous Galeries Lafayette shopping mall that hosts the most important luxury brand clothes in the world.

The buildings of this area best the fine design and architecture details which contribute to making this the area very expensive, but at the same time one of the most luxurious and elegant in Paris. The area, well reachable thanks many accesses to transportation system, is full of delicious restaurants as “L’Opera Restaurant”, “Exki Restaurant” for a helthy and natural dish or Pur’-Jean-François Rouquette restaurant for the typical french cuisine.

Here are the locations of the hotels we recommend in the Opera’s area


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