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Rouen cathedral

Views within Rouen cathedral

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Rouen

(place de la Cathédrale; 2-6pm Mon, 7.30am-7pm Tue-Sat, 8am-6pm Sun)

Rouen’s marvelous Gothic cathedral, with its brilliant white façade, was used as a model by famous painter Monet for a series of paintings. The cathedral was built in the late 4th century, on the site of a former church. The 75 meter-tall Butter Tower (Tour du Beurre) part of the Rouen cathedral was financed by locals who donated to the cathedral. The name is due to the color of the stones. Richard I of England so called “Richard the Lionheart” is partly buried there.

Here goes a quick overview of what you will see in Rouen cathedral.



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