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Paris tourist attractions for honeymooners

paris tourist attractions

Just tie the knot? What better way to celebrate than to ride the proverbial ‘Just Married’ car all the way to the city of love! Whether you’re planning a honeymoon in Paris, going on a first date, or just taking in the sights alone, here’s a compilation of some of Paris’ amazing tourist attractions!


Where to stay ? 

You’ll certainly need a place to sleep…here are some of our favorite boutique hotels. To find out more about what might work for you, contact us freely. We’re friendly!

paris tourist attractions

Hotel Regina


Where to eat and drink ?

Everyone knows that food and drink are the skeleton of any good Paris trip. Tastes differ enormously, but some of the more popular spots are listed in this article. Okay, that’s the dine, what about the wine? Great lively bars favored by locals can be found in the Oberkampf area or on Rue Princesse. But you’re looking for something more romantic, obviously, so consider celebrating the French tradition of monogamy with a memorable wine tasting/tour.

paris tourist attractions


What to do and see ?

Some of the greatest Paris tourist attractions are best seen in dyads. There’s a reason the city is known as the world capital of romance. Love is literally, or at least figuratively enough, in the air.

One great way to spend the eve with your newly espoused is to do a boat tour. We’ve already described the experience, and it’s one that won’t be soon forgotten.

paris tourist attractions

Assuming your stay is long enough to allow yourself a daylong excursion outside Paris city limits, Versailles is the place to go. Decadence knows no limits here; here is where too much of it literally (or figuratively enough!) caused a revolution. The palace is even more magnificent than the gardens, and vice versa.

paris tourist attractions


Paris is also one of the best places in the world to engage in museum-hopping. Most of the Parisian museums are themselves as impressive as their contents. The Louvre, of course, needs no introduction, but maybe take your parents’ new legal child to some of the others: Le Musée d’Orsay, the Picasso Museum, Pompidou.

paris tourist attractions

Musée d’Orsay

Finally, are you looking for that moment that the both of you will remember until death or divorce (whichever comes first)? Glance at our article:


4 places to Say “I Love You” in Paris



map of loire chateaux

4 original Loire Valley chateaux


The Loire Valley chateaux have influenced and inspired imaginations the world over. Luckily for you, if you’re planning a trip to Paris, you can make it to these illustrious castles easily. We’ll walk you through some of our favorite lesser-known sites on this Loire Valley chateaux map. For the classics, take a look at our previous post, 4 French castles to see in the Loire Valley.

You’ll find an interactive version here :


Less refined than its later Renaissance counterpart, Chinon clings to its medieval heritage. Here is where Joan of Arc holed up and declared her commitment to ousting the English. Chinon’s uniqueness earns it a place on the list of must-sees.

loire valley chateaux

Chinon (Wikimedia Commons)



Meung is a picturesque castle with a memorable history. Meung locals rebelled, and when the king’s men stormed the town to put them in their place they flung themselves off the castle tower in defiance. Today it is independently run, each of its rooms offering a taste of French countryside history. The chateau also features temporary exhibitions that make it worth the visit.

loire valley chateaux map



Clos Lucé

The French king François I famously cultivated a friendship with Leonardo da Vinci. It’s with François that da Vinci spent the last years of his life, in the company of a man (one of many, surely) who truly appreciated the Italian’s genius. In return for close friendship and kingly hospitality, da Vinci lent François his mind. At Clos Lucé, you’ll find an abundance of his genius, especially his royally-appreciated bent for creative weapons of mass destruction. This is one of the more special pins on our Loire valley chateaux map.

loire valley chateaux maps

Clos Lucé (Wikimedia Commons)



While certainly not lesser known, no list of Loire valley chateaux can in its right mind forget this horticultural marvel. This is a castle with a garden that stands out among the Loire valley’s plethora of manicured greenery. The garden here is a quintessential example of the jardin à la française, and embodies the philosophy thereof. Nature, it was thought, was unruly, and a garden fit for a king should display mankind’s domination over it. As you stroll through an unforgettably vast, geometrical yard, you may spot the many layers of Renaissance symbolism.

Loire Valley chateaux maps

The gardens (Wikimedia Commons)