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You’re planning to travel to France and you don’t know where to begin? This comprehensive list by ParisByM will surely make your planning easier and relieve some of that unneeded stress that doesn’t belong near a vacation!

Big Tip: If you book a travel package with ParisByM, we can help you with most of your preparations and book your accommodation, transportation (to and from the airport as well as getting around the city), and activities while in France.

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Practical information:

Before you travel to France, it’s important to read this post. It might just help you out if you’re ever in a pickle : this article includes tips on traveling to France with your passport, getting a cell phone travel data plan, calling back home from France, and the currency/exchange rate. Make sure to check the most recent exchange rate before leaving home. If you’re not from Europe, beware, prices in euros can appear better than they are back home. For smartphone users, there are a few free currency conversion apps that do the math for you: try XE Currency or Currency Convert.


Purchasing travel insurance is a must when travelling anywhere. The easiest way to do so, if possible, is to organize your travel insurance with your pre-existing health or illness coverage. ParisByM can help you find and book the coverage that you need.

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If you’re traveling to Paris, save yourself some time and trouble and take a look at ParisByM’s Paris hotel guide. We can even do the booking for you. If you’re looking for a hotel that is more budget friendly, then read our post on how to find a cheap accommodation in ParisFor booking a hotel outside of Paris, a good tip is to compare hotel rates online. has a tool for that. If you choose a ParisByM vacation package, hotel booking is included and it’s based on your preferences and budget.

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Hôtel Meurice.


While in Paris, it’s easier to go everywhere and anywhere by metro or train. No need to rent a car. All you need is a pass which can include transportation to and from the airport. You can even purchase a metro and train pass ahead of time. It becomes active the second you use it. Go here for more details. Outside of Paris, it’s best to rent a car. You can find these car rental companies at most airports in France: Budget, Hertz and Europcar. Our packages also include booking any and all of your transportation.

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What to see and do in France:

When you travel to France, it can be difficult to plan your itinerary with so many beautiful sights to see and places to go. Just take a look at the no fuss packages that ParisByM has to offer in and outside of Paris. We have a few day trips from Paris to some of the most enchanting spots in France: Reims, Loire Valley and Champagne.

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Château De Chambord – Loire Valley

By planning ahead and using our tips and tricks when you travel to France, coupled with one or more of our travel and vacation packages – you are sure to have the trip and vacation of a lifetime!