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Advantages of a Trip Planner in Paris

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With our world being connected with the click of a button, there are many ways you can plan a vacation. Over the last few years, booking vacations online has become very popular and some believe that travel agencies may become ‘extinct.’ However, that is not the case as trip planners have many benefits that are not accessible online. Here are some advantages of a trip planner in Paris:trip planner paris

1) Save Time and Money

Why take time to plan a vacation when someone can plan it for you? Planning a trip online, especially when comparing multiple prices on multiple websites, can be time consuming. Using a trip planner saves you the time and hassle of this. Trip advisors are usually able to get deals that are even better than what’s offered online, this will save you money when planning a vacation to Paris.

2) Experts of the Field

Trip planners know all sorts of information that can help you during your vacation, why? Because it’s their job!  Trip planners are familiar with which hotels and restaurants to go to or to avoid, as well as which sites, shops, museums, and monuments you have to see and the best way to see them. This information adds to the quality of your trip.

trip planner paris3) A Full, Efficient Program

Planning is complicated, especially when you’re not familiar with your destination. Is the Louvre closer to the Eiffel Tower or the Champs-Élysée? How do I get tickets to l’Arc de triumph? A trip advisor in Paris will know the answers to all these questions and how to make your days efficient whether your sight-seeing all day or want to do a bit of shopping!

4) Access to Benefits and Prices

Most trip planners have been doing their job for a while and have pre-established relationships with hotels, restaurants, private guides, and local tourist spots. An advantage to a trip planner in Paris is that these connections may get you into that fully booked restaurant you really wanted to try, or past that 30 minute waiting time at L’Arc de triumph.trip planner paris

trip planner paristrip planner paris5) Provide a Safety Net

Whether you like to believe it or not, there are multiple things that can go wrong on your vacation to Paris. This is where a travel agent can be very beneficial. If something goes wrong, your travel agent can work with you to sort the problem out.

6) Add Value to your Vacation

Overall, using a trip planner add value to your vacation. Trip planners in Paris are going to be experts on the area and are motrip planner parisre than willing to give you their advice, expertise and connections based on your wants.

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Advantages of a Trip Planner in Paris


Things to see in paris in 2 days

Things to See in Paris in 2 Days

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Two days in Paris is not enough time to see the whole city, but if that’s all you have, don’t worry – just plan accordingly. A two day stay is adequate, as long as you’re efficient! Here is a guide on the things to see in Paris in two days.

2 Days in Paris

1st Day in Paris

Begin your first day at The Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is located on the Champs de Mars and has more to offer than just the breathtaking view! The Eiffel Tower has three levels open to the public. All three floors are accessible by elevators, and the first two levels are also accessible by stairs. Here is a break-down of what each level has to offer.

Level One: transparent floor, immersion show, interactive display on the history of the Eiffel Tower, souvenir shop, the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant, the Buffet Tour Eiffel.

Level Two: ideal for picture taking, 3 souvenir shops, the Buffet Tour Eiffel, the Jules Verne restaurant, story window, vision well.

Level Three: the office of Gustave Eiffel, panoramic maps, a small model of the original Eiffel Tower, the champagne bar.

things to do paris 2 days

After visiting the Eiffel Tower, make your way to the Seine River and board a Bateau-Mouche for a tour of Paris from the river!  The majority of Paris’s monuments are located along the Seine River, so enjoying a Bateau-Mouche cruise is the most efficient way to see things in Paris in two days. things to see paris 2 days

A popular spot in Paris that’s not located on the Seine River is the Avenue des Champs Élysées.  The Avenue des Champs Élysées is lined with merchandise stores and is a perfect area to have a delicious lunch; it’s also the most beautiful avenue in the world. Make your way into a traditional brasserie, or a local boulangerie for a sandwich on-the-go! things to do 2 days paris

The afternoon is an ideal time to visit the neighborhood of Montmartre. Being one of the most historic and interesting neighborhoods of Pairs, Montmartre is a must for things to see in Paris in two days. Start on Boulevard de Clichy, at the bottom of the hill, and make your way up the cobbled streets to La Basilique de Sacre-Cœur. Montmartre is also home to the Moulin Rouge, street markets, and St. Pierre de Montmartre.

2nd day in Paris

Begin your second day in Paris with a trip to the famous Louvre Museum. The Louvre has an incredible collection of 35,000 works of art, and not to mention the marvelous architecture and detail in the building itself. In addition to seeing the Mona Lisa and other masterpieces, the Louvre has two cafés located in the museum one café located just below the Pyramid entrance. There are three guided tours a day of the Louvre, but if you prefer to venture on your own there is a instant-access audio guide with commentary on over 1,000 masterpieces available for a little over €2. If you would like to download the instant -access audio guide before you arrive at the Louvre, click here.

things to see in paris in 2 days

After your visit to the Louvre, head to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Notre-Dame is open every day of the year and visitors are welcome to visit the inside of the cathedral and participate in its services. The cathedral is filled with stained glass windows, detailed history, gothic architecture, and is free to enter, but if you would like to see the amazing view from the top of the towers, it will cost a little extra.

things to see in paris in 2 daysthings to see in paris in 2 daysThe next thing to see in Paris is two days is the Marais. In your afternoon here, you have to visit the oldest and most beautiful square in Paris, the Place de Vosges. Here artists, visitors, and locals will bask in the Parisian sun in the summer. The Marais is also bursting with art galleries and fashionable shops, not only indoors, but also out on the streets. The Marais is also known for various culinary specialties, especially Sunday Brunch.

things to see in paris in 2 days

If you find yourself with some extra time, I highly recommend spending it at the Musée d’Orsay. This museum houses impressionist style paintings, furniture, sculptures, and photographs.

More days? There is still much to do in Paris such as exploring Père Lachaise cemetery and hearing the stories of all french and foreigners buried there. Take a one or two day trip to Loire Valley, Chartres, or Mont-Saint-Michel.

ParisByM can help you plan your trip and save on your hotel in Paris : we can book your tickets for the monument visits, spare you time waiting in line, help you find a hotel in your budget, and provide you a full itinerary of what to do in Paris for the length of your stay.

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