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Tours from Paris: The Best Places to Visit

Are you in Paris and looking for a great weekend getaway? Here’s a list of our favorite tours from Paris along with regional blog links to help you make the most of your trip.



tours from paris

Famous for its exceptional wine, Burgundy is sure please. Explore the vineyards of the Côte d’Or where you can sample some of its celebrated Pinot noir and Chardonnay wines. Along with your drink, be sure to take in some of the local cuisine, such as the beef bourguignon or coq au vin.

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tours from paris

The original producer of champagne, the region of the same name offers the best bubbly on the planet. Visit one of the many champagne houses where you can discover the intricate process behind the drink’s preparation. No visit to Champagne is complete without a visit to Reims, a historical village close to Paris that was the coronation site of many French kings.

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Fontainebleau / Barbizon / Vaux le Vicomte

tours from paris

The Seine-et-Marne region of France is home to many towns rich in history and culture. Be sure to visit the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a stunning castle in the style of Louis XIV. Visitors to Fontainebleau can enjoy a stroll through the Fontainebleau forest and take in the famous Fontainebleau Castle, home to many ancient French kings. Art lovers will enjoy the city of Barbizon, home to the Barbizon school of painters who were responsible for the Realist movement.

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French Riviera

tours from paris

A seaside paradise, the French Riviera is a warm, sunny area along the southwestern coast of France. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, it is home to several resorts, including Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Explore the beautiful city of Nice, the largest in the region and a bustling urban center or take a day trip to the sovereign state of Monaco, where you can explore some of its world-class casinos.

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tours from paris

This friendly little town in the Flanders region offers quite the experience. Located on France’s Belgian border, Lille is a blend of French culture and Flemish traditions. Stroll down one of its historic streets, or enjoy a night out on the town in one of its popular clubs. Be sure to visit one of its three art museums, including the Palais des Beaux-Arts, one of the largest museums in France.

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Loire Valley

tours from paris

The Loire Valley, located along the banks of the Loire River, is known for its fertile grounds, beautiful architecture, and, of course, wine. You can tour the numerous vineyards and fruit orchards of the “Garden of France” and visit the many spectacular castles, including the Château de Chambord, while sipping a glass of Sauvignon blanc.

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tours from paris

No trip to the North of France is complete without a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel. This famous castle is one of the most popular sites in France, drawing over 3 million visitors each year. After exploring Mont-Saint-Michel, take a trip to Brittany to discover the beautiful seaside resort of Saint-Malo. Here, you can explore its historic château and try some of its world-famous oysters.

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tours from paris

Normandy is a region rich in history and culture with plenty to explore. Take a walk along Omaha Beach, where you can pay your respects at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. Be sure to visit some of the other areas of the region, as well, such as Roeun, known for its gothic architecture, and Deauville, home to a popular casino.

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Strasbourg / Alsace

Ttours from paris ucked away in the beautiful region of Alsace, France lies its most famous city: Strasbourg. Right on the French-German border, Strasbourg offers visitors a unique mix of French and German culture. Enjoy a glass of wine from one of the famous Strasbourg caves or a cold mug of beer from one of its equally spectacular breweries. Be sure to visit the astronomical clock in the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral and the historical Haut Kœnigsburg Castle, carved into the Vosges Mountains during the Middle Ages. If visiting in the winter, you can go to the Christmas fair, a real treat during the holiday season.

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tours from paris

France’s French-speaking neighbor, Belgium, is home to many hidden treasures. With plenty of medieval architecture, bustling markets, and fun festivals, Belgium is a great place to spend your holiday. Be sure to take in Bruxelles, the capital city and an important European political center or Bruges, the “Venice of the North,” where you can enjoy its many beautiful canals.

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tours from paris

The most famous U.K. city, London is a historical and cultural hub perfect for your next vacation. Visit its world-renowned sites, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower Bridge as you enjoy its many museums, galleries, and theaters dotting the city. Travelers from Paris can reach London in just two hours with the Eurostar, a high-speed train connecting both cities by English Channel.

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