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Go Self Tour, discover Paris while driving

Go-Self Tour, the movie of your discovering of Paris

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The first time we discover a beautiful monument or a beautiful landscape, we are always amazed and our reactions are sometimes fun to watch. It is this experience that the company Go Self Tour offers to live.

Go Self Tour allows you to discover Paris by yourself at the wheel of a tiny vehicle, following routes well studied that allow you to see the most famous monuments of Paris. The vehicle itself is for the least original: imagine a construction vehicle cabin to which an electric motor was added. This gives you a funny Estrima Biro, handy and lightweight, where 2 people can seat side by side (if not too corpulent!). Of course, comfort is far from that of a big BMW, and you soon realize that Paris is a historic city indeed where many streets are still paved … Pregnant women and people with back problems, this is not for you!

All vehicles are equipped with a tablet that serves as your guide and displays photos and videos of places and monuments you pass on your way (don’t forget to park on the side before launching the videos, safety comes first). The large screen GPS is also very helpful to follow the route easily.

But the most interesting innovation is the onboard camera filming your experience from two angles: what happens outside the vehicle and the places you see, but also what is happening in the vehicle and your own reactions when you discover this or that monument. At the end of the tour, the Go Self Tour team shows the movie made from these two videos, with the route you followed also displayed in parallel. This gives a funny little movie, and as you’ll have forgotten soon after the departure that you were filmed, your spontaneous reactions are often very funny to discover. And if ever you have children with you, their own reactions are often funnier and even touching. And should you want to keep it, the video is for sale (€ 30) and is delivered on a USB key in credit card format. For those who want to keep a personal souvenir of their stay, it is an experience to recommend!


Duration: from 1:15
Price: from 55€
For whom: those who like to walk by. Those who want to live a unique experience in Paris or who want to “live like a Parisian,” couples, friends, tourists who want a quick overview of the first Paris autonomously.
Please note: the activity is available subject to having the license B (France) or an international license valid since at least 2 years before.