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visit paris and france Dining in Paris

Dining in Paris

Paris offers so many options for dining. We have classified your options for dining in Paris within 3 categories.

sightseeing in paris dining in ParisTraditional food in a brasserie

This is the first step into French gastronomy: enter a bistro or brasserie (French pub) and order from the menu. Most brasseries serve popular French dishes such as steak – frites (beef steak with French fries), duck confit, and fish. Also ask for plat du jour (meal of the day) to get additional options. There is a great choice of brasseries in Paris, all ranging in different prices. On average, a 3 meal dinner (starter, main and dessert) with a glass of wine will cost between €25-30. We can recommend some brasseries, such as Au Petit Marguery (64 avenue des Ternes), L’annexe (6, rue Saussier Leroy), and Le Poincarré ( 22 Avenue Raymond Poincaré) among others.


Dining in ParisRegional food

If you are in France for a few days and only staying in Paris, you can try some regional dishes here. Indeed, there are many regional restaurants in Paris, allowing you to try many dishes without travelling to each region. You should definitely try the cuisine of the Sud-Ouest (South West cuisine) at Au petit Sud-Ouest (46 Avenue de la Bourdonnais, 75007) or Il était une Oie dans le Sud-Ouest (8 Rue Gustave Flaubert, 75017). In winter enter Le Brasier (58 Avenue des Ternes, 75017) for a fondue (melted cheese served in a communal pot). Average price will be €45 / person, with one glass of wine.


Famous restaurants in Paris for dining in ParisFamous chef

If your budget allows it, go for lunch (usually less expensive) or dinner at one of the famous restaurants where renowned chefs are cooking in Paris. Try a menu dégustation (5 to 7 sets menu) at a Michelin starred restaurant. There are around 80 Michelin starred restaurants in Paris, offering great food at various price ranges. Prices will start at € 50 / person to go above € 350/person, especially if you order top wine. Among others, you can consider going to La Tour d’Argent, Guy Savoy or l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Be advised that even if menus and dishes may appear very expensive, portion may be very tiny.  In any case a dinner at a chef’s restaurant will offer an exclusive experience for dining in Paris.


Would you like additional recommendations for dining in Paris?

Things to eat in Paris

Famous restaurants in Paris

visit paris and france Things to eat in Paris

Things to eat in Paris

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From simple to more complex dishes, try as much as you can while in Paris.


Here is a selection of 10 things to eat in Paris we recommend you try while visiting Paris. You can download this article in pdf using the button at the bottom of the page.


Things to eat in Paris

French Breakfast

Try a French breakfast in a café or at your hotel, with croissant, pain au chocolat (+/- croissant with chocolate), all other viennoiserie (pastries) and baguette with butter or jam.



Things to eat in Paris

Quiche Lorraine or Croque Monsieur—quick lunch

Two good options for a quick and affordable lunch. Quiche Lorraine is made with egg, cream, cheese and ham, while Croque Monsieur is the French version of grilled sandwich.



Things to eat in Paris

Bœuf Bourguignon—traditional food

A favourite consistent dish, especially in winter months: a slow-cooked beef stew with 1 litre of burgundy wine. Usually served with potatoes, mushrooms and carrots.



Things to eat in Paris

Oysters platter—original food

You can easily get this in most of restaurant close to Montarnasse train station, where most of the seafood arrived by train from the Atlantic coast. The oysters are eaten raw, and you can test their freshness by adding some lemon juice : the sourness will make them contract. Try it even if you are scared, you will find them refresing.



Things to eat in Paris

French cheese platter—traditional food

Try once a plateau de fromage (selection of cheese) instead of dessert in a restaurant. This is one of the best things to eat in Paris. You will usually get a roquefort, a cantal or comté (milk cheese), camembert and a goat’s cheese.



Things to eat in Paris

Confit de canard—Regional food

Very popular dish in Paris, a tender duck confit, usually served with French fries, purée or potatoes. This dish from the South West must be ordered with a glass of Bordeaux.



Things to eat in Paris

Coq au vin—Traditional food

A chicken cooked in wine, served. Another cold winter dish, but it is excellent. Order some Bordeaux wine with is makes it perfect.



Things to eat in Paris

Popular steak frites—popular food

You will find it everywhere, it’s very popular and often the most affordable. Rumsteak with French fries is a traditional brasseries’ dish. Add French mustard and enjoy.



Things to eat in Paris

Escargots (Snails)—Original food

No, no and no. French people do not eat snails that often. Though snails are popular in most touristic restaurants. The butter and garlic sauce is what makes it succulent.



Things to eat in Paris

Onion soup—Traditional food

Rich beef based soup full of onions cooked until they are soft and sweet. I will come with bread, cheese but usually considered as a starter.



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